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  1. I bought a set for my 240z 1.5 - 2 years ago. When I mocked them up they didn't look right at all... maybe I was shipped 350z flares too? They're collecting dust now. Too bad I've started making my own flares
  2. Zeeboost you are the MAN. I hit him up and bought it today! I probably would've missed out without you notifying me, because it's in great condition and for a fair price! Thank you so much. And thank you all for your prior help, it means a lot. Here's a celebratory picture
  3. I've got one. Need to dig a path to it in my basement and i'll get you some pics. We can go from there.

    1. Never2BeFinished


      That would be awesome if you could! Thank you. Where are you located, by chance?

  4. Thank you! Ill be sure to answer all numbers since i get a lot of spam
  5. Thanks Zeeboost for the link, I was in contact with the guy but he seemed partial about selling it so it never progressed. And thanks Curtball, good info to know. Anything to look for when I come across one? I may be willing to make a mold off it and make a tail using quality glassing materials
  6. Hello fellow HybridZers, I'm looking for a whale tail for the S30s, hopefully in better condition than not. Willing to pay shipping from anywhere in the US, I am located in 92691. My phone is the best way to reach me, text or call. 949-939-7573. Thank you for your help in advance!
  7. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/124657-ohkaz-turbocharged-1uz-280z/ Not sure if he is finished, but there are other turbo 1UZ builds out there. I only checked hybridz, no other sites.
  8. If you are using an aluminum dash, I personally like having easy access to it on either the transmission tunnel, or higher up behind the dash, centered, attached to the back of the wiper motor/linkage area. Mine is bolted through the linkage area, so that the interior is cleaner, but still have easy access to it just by looking underneath the dash. Assuming you are using an original dash, I like having them on the drivers side kick panel area, that way I dont have to lean across to the passenger side to replace fuses. Center console area maybe? I dont have a picture of my alu
  9. Rebello does a great job! Sounds great
  10. Stock rear brakes are drum brakes. If you search around, you'll find there are a number of rear disc brake options. I'm fairly certain there is a sticky about rear disc brake conversion setups... try looking for the 240sx caliper setups because theyre certainly cheaper. $500-600 is the ballpark for the cheaper rear disc setups. How about post some pictures? No one can tell you how good/bad your floor pans or any other parts look, without seeing good quality pictures. If ye search, ye shall find!
  11. Neat engine swap! You probably are the first to swap one in. As far as the cradle goes (and im no expert, so just an opinion), mounting it from the top should be fine as long as you use bushings. Solid mounting increases vibration throughout the car. I have seen the motor mounts/towers from the original cross member cut off many times when a new cross member is used, which (I think) answers your question about the alternator and AC compressor. May be worth trying to make the AC work... since you have the compressor, you could probably source other Camaro AC components? Up to you
  12. Hate to bump an older thread... but are there any updates? Super cool swap, but no one is attempting the stock supercharger setup?
  13. I have an 07 Toyota Sequoia, which I found to be an excellent tow vehicle when I needed to retrieve my 280z. I left it up in Castaic overnight so I could locate a trailer. 100 miles up with trailer unloaded, 100 miles back loaded; it was a breeze. Rear seats are removable, middle seats fold up, and I have slept in the back pretty comfortably. (Note: Im also 6'3"). Might be a little too large for your space, but its a few feet shorter in length than most pickups, and its dead reliable. But, like the Tundra pickup, it drinks. I get around 13mpg cruising at 70 on the highway... Older models
  14. Cool build! Looking forward to more progress. I think the 45mm ITB way would be a rewarding way to go... just more expensive. Im just a little biased towards ITBs
  15. Hey Michael, I thought id chime in on cams since I recently had Rebello Racing (in Antioch, CA) do a regrind on a stock 280z cam for me into their 63D cam. They did a great job, and offer a valvetrain setup consisting of reground cam, springs and lash pads for about $400, and I had them clean up my rocker arms too but i forgot the fee for that. I did send them a core cam though. I wouldnt recommend the 63D cam due to its longer duration and lift, but they have other 'streetable' options that would suit your needs. Compared to Schneider, I originally was going to spend $800+ on a cam, springs,
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