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Disappointing conversation with CustomPlenumCreations

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Interesting Climber...


Will have to keep an eye on what you come up with...


As I might have stated, because I will have a GM 4L60E behind the engine I am imposing a 6K rpm limit. Combined with my preference to use my hydraulic lifters I am looking to maximize flow throughout the stock rpm range.


Hence the anti-reversion step and need for a custom plenum.


I have scoped out a supplier for tapered runners and velocity stacks.


Am thing the stacks that protrude into the plenum and runners that taper down to ~33-34mm and of course well ported heads will combine to work to make ~400 up at a relatively low boost.


As guru TonyD has so often said - it's the PACKAGE as a whole that determines success or failure.


I can't help but think that a custom manifold would be better than trying to work with the stock one.

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Your basic problem is that you're ready to argue intake manifold and engine theory with CPC but you are far from being an expert.  You're bringing a load of internet "knowledge" and turbulence in to his shop and, obviously from this thread, will be ready to blast his work on the internet if the internet theory doesn't pan out.  Considering all, he seems like a smart businessman.  He's thinking long-term, not quick easy money.


Your displeasure would have more weight if you had tried other shops and CPC was the only one that refused.  Shop your proposal around and see who bites.  

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If CPC thinks that a 1mm anti-reversion step at the manifold flange will cause 'more turbulence and a restriction to flow at the port' then maybe its a good thing you are not getting one from him? That's not really something you want to hear from someone selling $5000 aftermarket manifolds. 

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NewZed - apparently you are reading something into my posts that I did not put there.


I have simply said that I am disappointed that they do not wish to build an intake to my specifications backed by not only real world experience as testified to by others on this forum but by racers and hot fodder since the 60's when I first started working on our '65 Mustang convertible.


I have no problem with their right to refuse the work.


I just don't think their reasoning was very well thought out.


It appears that they are after that last % in power and don't want to associate with all-round performance.


If they did then their comments about my request for an anti-reversion step for what is to be a max 6k rpm engine used as a daily driver being against their principles/experience seems not only narrow-minded but flies in the face of what others experience has been.


Please don't go putting words in my mouth.

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