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Wanted 78 280Z Distributor


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Wanted To Purchase...I need a complete distributor for 1978 280z. It needs to be a 1978 or an identical one from another year because I need it for parts.  I have one from a 1973 240z and one from a 1981zx but the are different.  I need it asap and will pay with Paypal or whatever fit your needs.  Please don't rob me. It's just for parts.  I installed a new Kameri oil pump and decided to rebuild the distributor while it was removed and I really do need it yesterday.  Also, I have lots of Z parts so let me know if you are in need.  Thank you Tommy B.  North Myrtle Beach, SC  843 450 6512. (If I can't answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.)  843 450 6512

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I might be wrong on 1974.  Here are some links to use to see if the desired parts are there.  Looks like they changed some things over the years.




Note 7412 is the change point - 



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30 ounce...........Sorry, but I forget how to pm you. The photo of your distributor looks like to one I need.  How much do you want for it and how can I make payment.  Perhaps you could call me at 843 450 6512 and we can work out the details. Thanks, mayolives.

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