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SR20 gt28/71r 91 pump dyno

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So I just got my car dynoed yesterday (it's still going to the shop it's being built at, and the tq number for me seems pretty low. 


I've seen most setups with this turbo put out around the same # hp/tq numbers 



sr20det with wiseco pistons/eagle rods

Tomei solid lifter kit with 256 cams

Gt28/71r at 12psi

CR racing top mount T25 manifold (modified by TF Works)

Freddy intake (came with the motor)

id1000 injectors 

AEM 320 pump

AEM infinity ecu

Custom intercooler

Stock SR20 tranny with a 3.9 clsd diff


If you need more added to the list let me know. I'm thinking it could be a product of the cam profile, but maybe not. I will be going with flex fuel down the line hence teh large injectors and pump. I just want to be able to test out the car and "break it in" without breaking the tranny or anything first, so this is a conservative tune. 


If this is normal for the amount of boost, then I'm just an idiot. Maybe I should have had it turned up some more. 




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I just dynoed my Z. I have the Sr20det stock long block, metal head gasket, EFR6258 with ID 1000 CC. On 16 psi I put 289whp on a mustang Dyno. I'll try to post a sheet later. I was told by the tuner that the cams were holding it back. Thats on crappy Canadian chevron 94 gas.

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