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Turbo Meister's TT SBC 240 Z

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On 12/24/2017 at 11:19 AM, egzlilgituarboy9 said:

Have you had it on the dyno previously with the old setup? And it's a stock block correct? 


Never on a dyno before. It is a Motown ll 400 ci racing block. My old set up produced a best mph of 163 in the quarter mile. Standard racing conversion for the weight of the Z and that mph

equates to over 1000 flywheel hp.  

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3 hours ago, ritrebor said:

Looks good Hans

Let us know when you take it out again.





I have only been driving it around town and to car shows, lately.

My racing days are over.

10 years ago my wife said that I raced too fast in the quarter mile for a man my age. So I kept racing because I would not let her think she could be right.

However, my Senior Citizen body can no longer handle the G forces and brutal acceleration on the drag strip. It has been a FUN ride but a man has got to know his limitations (Better late than never ).

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