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VQ37HR into a 240z; Questions.

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So I have recently purchased just the motor from a 2010 G37x and I was thinking of swapping it into my '73 240z.


My questions are;


What's the difference between the G37x motor and the RWD motor?


Would I be able to bolt up the 6MT to the motor?


Please let me know, I plan to start this project summer of this year. I will create another thread on the build if this is feasible.


Thank you all in advance.

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No, it should be fine as there's no kickdown to trigger the engine to cut down RPM so it should behave normally, though likely we will get CELs.  My VQ35HR is from an Auto and it's now mated to a CD0009 6speed. Bolted right up.  I've been playing with the idea to cut out my DIY engine mounts in favor of the Mckinney stuff.  I need to get real headers tho, Stock points right at the firewall.

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