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It's ran (not running). Won't run for more than a couple minutes.

l28et (w/o the turbo right now)

I'm using the stock dizzy with the stock CAS (the 6 slot pattern), stock TPS, MAP sensor, and the generic speeduino map.

I have more work on the map, but I think this is significant progress for me!!



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Wow, jonbill and juxsa, those are some clean builds! You guys are awesome. It took a while for me to circle back to this as I had been busy with bodywork and paint, but I am putting the turbo on this week. I ended up designing and machining a CAS replacement that bolts into the distributor slot because the l28et distributor cores are becoming scarce. I ended up going with a hall effect sensor instead. 

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I got a v0.4 board. I got all the components together but then started to get nervous about the bass from my sound system rattling the board to death. I have consulted some electrical engineers since then and settled on staking the components instead of potting because no one really knew for sure if the arduino mega thermals would work okay in the long term under full potting. 


How is yours holding up so far? Do you daily drive it?

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