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  1. @stupid_fastawesome build brotha! whats the latest word?
  2. And now with 100% more blow off!
  3. wow @G-Tech that looks super clean with the rectangular holes glassed in! I thought about doing it, but hate working with fiberglass so much that I passed for now. I might fabricate some inserts at some point. As far as adhering the side skirts, I am still on the fence about whether I want to drill into the fender/quarter or fabricate my own set from aluminum. I am also having trouble with the thickness of the fiberglass flange that goes under the door. Mine is crazy thick near the front and I have trouble getting my doors to close even with adjusting the hinges to the reasonable l
  4. I got the Type II from MSA below. The front and rear bumper covers fit great with a little trimming. The side skirts are a nightmare and I would not recommend buying them. They both flare out tremendously on the fender and the quarter behind the door and there is no way to mold them "in" for them to sit flush with the body. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic02a02a/50-1512A
  5. In digging into the FSM, I noticed that the oil feed line to the stock turbo is ... not filtered at all ? Is this an error or is this true? Is there any deliberate reason for this? I would think that engine contaminants are not great for turbo bearings. I would like to filter the oil feed but now I wonder about the Nissan engineers and whether they had a good reason for it. Maybe the pressure drop from the filter is more of a risk than particulates?
  6. Does anyone familiar with the 280ZXT know if the stock turbo was supported by a bracket to the block? My Saab had a steel bracket to isolate the cast manifold from dynamic forces applied by hanging the turbo directly off of it. Seems like a smart idea to avoid cracking the cast manifold. I finally added my missing turbo and am wondering if I am missing a bracket or if they just never came with one. I searched for pictures but didn't find much from the underside of a stock setup. If there was one, does anyone have a picture of the mounting points?
  7. Cleanin up the bay an interior shot added boost, wideband cluster and relocated the dreaded front speaker to a more accessible location!
  8. I think this is about the time I sold the grey "parts" car. It was running so nicely that I couldn't bear to strip it for the interior. I did screw around with a funky idea for a gated shifter on the Z. When I was younger, I used to play this arcade game at GameWorks that was a Ferrarri challenge game and it had a gated shifter and it was so cool, I thought I could get it to work on the Z. Turns out the S130 gearbox does not have enough shaft movement at any "reasonable" height for it to have distinct gates. This 3rd prototype did work, but only until I bolted it rigidly to the tu
  9. At some point, I started the paintjob with the engine bay. The pain is from Eastwood and it's called Malibu Sunset. Then I did the body in stages due to my limited space at the time. I shaved the bump strips from the side of the body, along with the side marker holes. Then I slapped on a MSA Body kit and painted that too. The side markers are now LED strips in the gaps between the body kit and the body. You can't see them when they are off, the blend into the shadows of the body lines.
  10. This S130 has been my dream to build for almost 2 decades. I have always been a S130 guy, but started my Z journey with a z31 50th AE when I was in high school because that’s what I could find in my price range. Now I can fully realize this dream build! I am going for a reliable street daily driver with mildly improved performance but mainly just modernization. I have been working for quite a few years already and have started various sub-projects that may be of interest to other S130 people. This is one of the bastard models of the Z families so more sharing and development is helpful to all!
  11. tioga, this thing is rad! Where did you poach the distributor pedestal / stem from, a L28 turbo distributor? Those seem to be getting harder to come by.
  12. Also, what's the deal you mentioned with the stock J-pipe? Is it doo-doo? I don't have a stocker so I am making one out of 2" aluminum tube.
  13. thank for the tips stupid_fast! I am actually running the 7.4:1 stock compression on the turbo block. I just so happen to have NA ignition lol! I don't plan on running anything more than 3-4 PSI boost until I finish my speeduino setup and get some bigger injectors, I am just doing some due diligence to make sure I don't blow anything up in the meantime. I actually have the knock sensor still in the block, just no way to read it Ive been through the FSM a few times and still havent been able to determine if the NA ECU has any electronic ignition retard or if it is timed purely off the mechan
  14. dogmeatk


    I got a v0.4 board. I got all the components together but then started to get nervous about the bass from my sound system rattling the board to death. I have consulted some electrical engineers since then and settled on staking the components instead of potting because no one really knew for sure if the arduino mega thermals would work okay in the long term under full potting. How is yours holding up so far? Do you daily drive it?
  15. Well this is very interesting! I am in the middle of slapping my turbo onto my l28et block with NA mechanical distributor (it's a long story) just until I finish my speeduino build. I have been concerned about the ignition timing, I have seen many here advising to lock the mechanical advance and disconnect the vacuum advance and set it to 20 BTDC. However ... I am looking at your rip of the stock ignition table and noticing that the turbo motor has a similar amount of advance, especially in the low-load condition. If AtlanticZ is correct, the stock NA Dist with vac and mech advance would be pu
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