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DZ-Start Push button Ignition Kits F/S again

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Hi. Can you help with a set-up for push button start, power windows and power locks?

First, What is this all going into...????


I can do the DZ-Start with the RFID for $300

   The RFID kit will allow you to use the key fob to lock/unlock the doors, horn honk with a relay and light flash with another relay.

I can sell you the set of correct door lock actuators for $20

and as for power windows, I would highly suggest the SPAL Deluxe power window kit  (p/n 33000030) $116 on Amazon)  and the 2 switch harness (p/n 33040122) $35 on Amazon

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Hey Guys,

I have about 15) DZ-Start kits left that are ready to build and ship.


Prices are as follows......

#1) Standard DZ-Start is $260 shipped

#2) Remote security option is an additional $25 ($285 shipped)

#3 RFID option (1-keyfob) is an addition $40 (This option allows for remote Power door lock controls) ($300 shipped)


(Free shipping is in the lower 48 (U.S.A.) $10 extra for Canadian orders

If you're interested in one (or more) I can take Paypal to wolfin32z@yahoo.com

Leave a message to seller, telling me what the payment is for and where to ship it when they are ready.

Email me if you have any questions that haven't been answered here at Ratsun.
This is the last run. I will no longer be making or offering these.
Once these are gone, they're gone. Get them while you can.
Thank you to all involved, previous and future customers as well.
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16 hours ago, jessejames said:

Are these still available.  I would love to buy one with rfid.


Dave has closed up shop and moved on to other life pursuits.  Someone may have one of his kits that they never installed and may be willing to sell to you...



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