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  1. Hello Brian, just sent you an email about current delivery time for the items. Thanks.
  2. Have attempted to contact regarding a new RetroSpec order via your website and via your email. Both unsuccessful. The credit card payment process on your website appears broken.
  3. Trying to identify the Watanabe? style wheels as shown on the image attached. Looking for this style, but in 17x10 -20 front and 17x12 rear with high negative offset, no less than -20. Your help is very much appreciated.
  4. Got a rebuild R33 RB25det Calsonic AC compressor for my RB25DET S2, but don't have the Lines coming off the compressor. The high pressure outlet hole measures 13mm and the low side measures 19mm. Anyone knows what vehicle has the same outlets? Will be fabing the hardlines but cant seem to find the adaptors. Help is very much appreciated.
  5. out the A pillar and along the fender aprons
  6. hopefully you can dispute the payment to them. Seems like its time to move on... I ended up buying the stuff mostly from CX and it worked out fine.
  7. Hello fellow Datsun HybridZ fans. Got a 73 260z that I have spend the last 5 years fabricating body modifications and its getting close to get the drivetrain completed. Has a RB25DET s2 and I need professional help with engine /drivetrain. I was hoping that you guys could recommend someone that can assist to complete the project, hopefully not to far from me. Located in Ventura, Ca. I do have a trailer if some distance travel is required. No luck finding a shop so far... Thanks a bunch.
  8. Love your brake setup. Any chance I could get a set of those mounting brackets? Or the CAT file? Bitte
  9. love the grey colour. Got some interior pics to share?
  10. Ok. Measure the distance from the door hinges pillar to the door lock striker location on the quarter jamb (use a common point on the hinge pillars, like the check strap bolt, etc). That will show you if your door openings on the chassis are equal.
  11. Start aligning door gaps by aligning the doors to the quarters, because the quarters are fixed. install both sides weather stripping and door latches, leave strikers out for now. If you can push the door rear edges flush with the quarters, you are fine. If you cant, move the door that will not sit flush a millimeter forward by adjusting the hinges forward. Then install the strikers and adjust the in/out position.
  12. One more option for you is to use a sand blaster. You can point the nozzle through the battery tray cavities. Be careful not to use a too abrasive medium.
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