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So I've only posted a couple times and I have lots of pictures of the things I did/do to my Z, and I do have a question. But first a little show and tell .

I was frustrated I couldn't find air horns for my Weber carbs that I thought where correct (opinion only), so part owning a machine shop, i made these. I chose to make them two piece because they are easier to machine being thin wall and I only need to make the bell half if I want to change the design later.

I have two questions ..


1) is there anyone that makes filter that are actually filters?. (As opposed to just mesh screens I've seen)


2) should I have made the bell half tapered like I did?


I do apologize if these questions have been beaten to death and I did search so feel free to tell me to search more if that's the case.





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Yes, that's kind of what I mean going for. Except not so much the foam ones. Reading here on here it seems like some people have had problems with that foam type getting soaked with fuel . Now the ones I have now do have some fuel that gets into them sometimes but the thought of foam gets me nervous.

In my head I have a picture like this, but with an actual filter on them. Kinda want the looks and performance .



Actually thinking about it , has anyone used these and added their own cotton type filter screen to them?

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