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Mikuni 44 PHH Plated Hardware Kits


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Freshen up the look of your 44's with some new plated fasteners.


Each bag has the hardware for one carb:
5x #75 top plate
2x #10 float adjustment plate
1x#12 float adjuster lock nut
1x #1 (butterfly screw)
1x #81 choke
2x #42 throttle rod nut
4x #31 washer
4x #46 venturi nut
4x #30 air horn locking nut
2x #50 pump body
4x #49 pump body


These are proper JIS screws, as indicated by the small dot on the head.


NOTE: The four screws for the pump body are the short style ones. If you are running cooling bodies, then they won't be long enough. Not terribly important as no one sees them on the underside of the carb anyway I guess...


I priced these all out with some Mikuni parts suppliers and buying from them it would tally up to about $40 per carb.


I'll sell each bag of hardware for $20 + shipping.


Shipping is from Kingston, Ontario, Canada and looks like it should run about $12 for three bags within the lower 48 states and Canada.

See the pics to understand what you are getting.  I've also attached some pics of a set of 44's I rebuilt and used these kits with, for reference.   







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Bump, back in stock.



The kits are slightly different to the ones pictured in the original post - for the air horns they use locking nuts instead of lock washers and nuts. 


Here are some pictures of what I have:





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I would like to purchase 2 kits if they're still available?

I know it looks iffy for my first post! But i am in need of this kit badly for the set i'm building..i have a paypal account if that makes it easier.

please let me know, Vince.

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