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  1. So, sticking throttle blades once warm are a known problem with ITBs. Stronger return springs could help.
  2. That's Andrews work! Pistons are eagle, sold by rebello.
  3. My 3.1 is going back together! 48035565-3f87-41e9-8969-6a890e052731.mp4
  4. Who told you to do 20 degrees at idle? What is all in timing? Like 7k rpms?
  5. Man that looks good! Glad you are happy! You are the first to get the coils up and running outside of myself
  6. I chat with the JMS owner all the time, I will just say that a LY isn't off his list to do potentially. I am curious on what his from scratch DOHC head will look like. I tried to talk him into a cost effective DOHC head, but I don't think that is their plan.
  7. If you ever do coilovers again, I would highly suggest having them out of the car for the welder. He would have been able to do a better/ easier job of it.
  8. All ITB test fitment is done. Cable mount is perfect, everything is smooth and actuates as good as I hoped. Now time to bolt it down, cut the cable to length and finish some wiring. I lined up the MZR haltech tuner to help me with my tune. It should be interesting to see how good he can get it, especially with my balance bar design and throttle angle. Will the snow melt so I can drive it soon? Probably not.
  9. I got my cnc intake and some parts back from media tumbling, it looks almost cast. I am super happy with the finish. Only issue it now shows finger prints.
  10. EFI hardware said 45s are still plenty for my 3.1L. I got the pro version which is a taper bore, so technically the butteflies are 47mm.
  11. I finished the injector wiring. I cheated and used an RB harness and just redid a few of the lengths to be perfect.
  12. You should try one of my progressive throttle cams first, it might help the street aspect some.
  13. Finally got the linkage sorted on my ITB. This is without an over head bar return spring (I will add tonight). The system is very smooth and returns strongly. Pretty stoked.;
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