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  1. We purge tig weld a lot at work, (I own a brewery) it uses a lot of gas, but welds are amazing.
  2. Nicely done! I like the head cooling mod and the push to lock a lot.
  3. I have a brand new hoke trigger for sale. If anyone is looking, for a stock 240z pulley.
  4. Interesting. If you have the money the zcargarage kit is pretty amazing.
  5. This might end up being more expensive then the Z Car setup. Which I have. Curious what they will use for the ebrake.
  6. I did the same thing, works perfectly as my home signal for my EFI system and full sequential. I found a NOS one on ebay.
  7. Well my stock original 1971 series 1 tach works with my fully sequential r35 coil on plug Efi system (haltech elite 750) . I literally ran the coil positive out from the ecu through the white wire with a red band then out to the coils through tachs white wire with a black band. Nothing else was needed. Added about 15” to my entire positive for the coils. I like how the tach feels and reacts the same as it always has. This would work on any 240z tach and a rb swap or aftermarket Efi with COP and fully sequential. I don’t know if it would work on wasted spark or not. Thanks Dirk Stoop for pushing this way vs the others. Where I got the idea https://www.viczcar.com/…/9515-getting-a-240z-tacho-to-wor…/
  8. I finally got my fully sequential ITBs to fire and run! She is a little rough. But pretty amazing base tune and help from Richard Boyk! I can’t wait to get a fully dialed tune running. Worst part is my fuel pump is super loud.
  9. Tioga, looking awesome! Well I like the look better! Still a little busy.
  10. I gave up on mounting the fuel pressure regulator on the engine bay walls, I hated the amount of hoses that crossed over the engine bay. I ended up buying a radium -6 direct mount FPR (very nicely made). Then I had an adapter machined to match the 14mm fittings that the Jenvy fuel rail uses. I should be able to split both sides of the FPR to my 7mm return and my 5mm return. I think I came out great. Very neat design by radium, it can be mounted in any direction.
  11. I am going to attempt to move my FPR to the drivers side and use it. That way I am hard lines under the car. I will T the return from 7mm to 5mm and return via the stock 5mm line and the 7mm vapor vent line. Then use the 5/16 to feed the ITBs. Hopefully it works! I bought some 7mm efi fuel hose from belmetric. So that should give me a good amount more flow. Hopefully my push lock fittings work with it. My FPR mount was waiting to fail, i cut a lot of the strength out. So I will need to fabricate another and put it in my stock coil spot. Should end up looking pretty clean and simple.
  12. I took to a local radiator shop. They actually said they did it all the time. I was told its a common thing for radiator shops to do.
  13. The black tank is mine. The other was some image from google. I had mine, acid cleaned, then sealed. Then the exterior is powder coated.
  14. My stock lines are 5mm return and 8mm supply. So the Return gets a 3/16 line. Which is pretty tiny.
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