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  1. Any data to back that up? Interesting looking coil
  2. According to Platinum Racing a few other companies that have test the coils, the head are actually identical. The only thing that Nissan changed was the spring and boot length. Pretty common in the car world.
  3. I have used all, all have downfalls. Are flares forever? Stainless is very very strong, I would most likely use aluminum in that aspect.
  4. I think I have all my kinks worked out. Finally time to road tune. FullSizeRender.mov
  5. My 2nd set of vintage SK throttles are just about done. Only think left is to come up with a tps solution. They are a gift to my 3.1L engine builder Andrew.
  6. I decided to put the wiring down below, closer to the header:)
  7. Well the day has finally come to use a heat shield. This is the one that came with my vintage SK ITB setup. How it installs originally didn’t protect my wiring to the firewall enough. So I shifted it down 2” and then slotted it. I hate the look of sheilds, but it was time.
  8. I figured out all my issues. My fancy no contact tps sensor has this goofy huge 0 volt rest area. I had it clocked, but from 0-75% throttle the tps didn’t change at all. Then 75%-100% throttle it would move. So it would bounce .00-.15 volts and the ecu thought that was like 0-10% throttle. So clocked it 90 degrees. Starts around 2volts and goes to 4.3 volts. It’s super happy. Somehow this took forever to figure out. FullSizeRender.mov
  9. You know far more then me. But aren't you casting the intakes? That article is very cool, Rob sent it to me this am.
  10. I see they say it's tuned not for all out HP but for drivability. Also it's a 3.2L. Which means still over 100hp per liter. Pretty darn epic. I want to know what size throttles? I think Derek needs to try injectors at the head next. I have a feeling throttle response would be better and street use will be slightly better. I have read a few articles on the subject. Closer to head for throttle response, all out hp/ high rpm furthest from the head as possible.
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