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  1. Standard Motor Products S2099 https://www.amazon.com/Standard-Motor-Products-S2099-Connector/dp/B009IZRYFC
  2. I know their valves aren't Kameari. Maybe their springs?
  3. Tps adapter for throttle bodies or carbs. The idea is to turn the stock throttle shaft down on one end to 6mm. Then this threads on. IMG_9238.mov
  4. Dual V spray is pretty much all that is offered in the newer injector styles. I went back on which one I am picking, I found a ford GT injector that meets my demands, I have one coming to test fit. It's a 20-30 degree cone style spray. So slightly better. I don't think I need the long nozzle. I think the spray pattern will exit fine without. I am curious if the spray angle for the OER/ SK will overall hurt performance slightly. Maybe it will be a wash with the taper bore? Polishing some stacks.
  5. Nicely done. Those are great numbers.
  6. Wow, subscribed, nicely done!
  7. Vintage Sk throttle body update. I think I found a injector style I like and a oring I like. The injector has a long nozzle and 8 tiny spray holes. The O-ring is some Porsche 16.5mm one meant to adapt newer style injectors, but fits perfectly. Almost too tight, but firmly presses in. Shouldn’t leak air at all and remain snug. I also picked a fuel rail for my vintage ITB. It’s the stock that Tsumori uses in Japan. I couldn’t find anything I loved. I will be doing clear anodized on the fuel rail parts.
  8. 9k is a lot of RPMs. 7000 sounds wild in a straight six. I have all the fancy valve train parts and I plan to never go above 7500.
  9. Sort of soft boot gets pressed over a rigid bump in the coil. Very snug and very water resistant. I would say outside of submerging the car, it would be sealed against cleaning and rain.
  10. We went through 5 N42 blocks before we found one that sonic tested and the machine shop said could take the 88.5 bore.
  11. I finally got all my vintage SK throttle bodies from japan. I’m super happy with the casting and the overall design of them. The inner fit or choke they use is pretty interesting. Without its 47 tapered to 45mm. Oer actually still uses the same design, and I can buy different inner fits. The right 3 are 40mm throttle bodies. The left 4 are 45s. I believe it’s the same casting. But actually sleeved differently not machined. Luckily one has a D shaft end and my tps sensors all work on it. One of the vacuum accumulation block things even has either a map signal or a iac valve in it. Pretty darn cool for something so old. I really like that they look a little more Mikuni/ dcoe carb. The stacks are super beefy.
  12. Some L series piston porn for your Thursday viewing pleasure. Originally the ceramic coating had some issues. I reached out to the company eagle suggested and they fixed them for me. Much better coating job. Contact IA coatings:https://www.facebook.com/iacoatings/
  13. I chickened out and went 88.5 pistons. So I will be 3.1something
  14. I have vintage SK throttle bodies, basically the same casting as the OER. I plan on an injector like this. https://www.highflowfuel.com/i-35459212-genuine-bosch-ev1-36lb-390cc-fuel-injectors-0280158124-set-of-6.html I am still trying to find the spray pattern for it. Bosch made this model in 4 spray angles and 4 spray patterns. My plan is a single cnc fuel rail. I know people have used the RX7 injectors with success.
  15. The coils are at least ip4 or ip6 waterproofed. I have pressure washed my engine and then drove the car home. If that helps.
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