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  1. E31 is back from final surfacing! Vapor blasting it was tedious. But results areawesome.
  2. Thank you so so much. Ordering now
  3. Internet is coming up with zero on the plug.
  4. I bought the vdo. Thanks for the help! Now I need to find a pigtail first the harness
  5. No throttle blade on any carb or throttle body that I have seen is designed to seat 100%. On carbs that I have rebuilt you can see damage from people trying. I got it to run and idle down, but butterflys stick almost fully. I will fix it right and get an IAC that closes 90-100%. Really I want the IAC off after it's warm. OEMs that do ITB use a large balance log just like this, bmw etc..
  6. It’s not about air. But I could have gotten away with a 8mm hole im guessing.
  7. 2 wire. Simple. It’s a popular iac for modders
  8. Butterfly’s on the Jenvy don’t seat well enough at full close. Spring sticks. So snapped closed doesn’t close enough. So this iac won’t work.
  9. Well this bosch and all bosch IACs of this style let a ton of air by when closed. Bosch said roughly 30-35%. Which makes the butterfly's useless at idle. My next iac will be a ford. Which closes all the way and only lets a tiny bit of air by.
  10. Fully wired. I was able to use the coil wiring and leave original wires intact for my dpo negative trigger and positive.
  11. Well ITB with IAC and PCV is all in and plumbed. Only thing left is 2 wires and some software changes. Pretty happy with how it all turned out.
  12. now My decision on iac location. I can use the stock 12v + from the coil and also the coil negative wiring for the iac connected to my haltech. So all my wiring will stay the same.
  13. If you have the money, the zcar kit is pretty darn amazing. It would take the guess work out of all of it. Designed by brake engineers.
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