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  1. You will love the Zcar brake setup.
  2. I can't remember why, but people don't like that dual idler. It has come up a few times.
  3. Any early tach works perfectly with coil on plug. Sense pulses, works with zero modification.
  4. That is TBD. One idea is cutting up the LS3 throttle body. A few shops have done that with good success. It's just not a ton of room on a L series for it. The kincer one is very nice, but 2300 dollars for a 40 dollar motor and a nice housing seems far fetched to me.
  5. ITB DBW update. Installed, feels and looks like stock! I had the stock pedal pad copied, then laser cut. Then welded onto the 350z pedal rod. I also had the pad bent to match my stock pedal and also clocked to match. After that I got it all powder coated to match. Should work great! I can tell it’s not attached to linkage, but it still feels somewhat stock. I like how I can’t really tell it’s not stock without looking hard. IMG_3890.MOV
  6. Laser cut, welded, powder coated and ready to install! Clocking and bend is about perfect from stock. Stoked
  7. Should work out nicely. Getting a plate laser cut tomorrow. Then some welds and then powder coated.
  8. Next is laser cutting out the plate and hopefully just welding it on with no rod bending.
  9. A quick little my 240z DBW gas pedal box from a 350z. I drilled the plate to match the 240z one then ground off the pedal stop. Lines up and bolts right in! I get full pedal travel and the stock stop on the floor it’s nicely. Next is buying a stock gas pedal and cutting off the pedal plate and welding it onto this one. Then powder coat it all to match the stock black. All in all very nice and easy.
  10. Well I’m 99% sure I’m going DBW(drive by wire) on my ITB setup. I will be swapping ecus when I get Larry Asp new injectors at the head intake. I was googling DBW pedals and I thought the 350z pedal box looked mighty similar to the 240z one. I got one to check and wow it’s close. I love when manufacturers don’t stray too far from designs. Then googling some more and freaking Etsy sells a direct mount for it! Now I need to change the pedal pad to look stock, and powder coat the housing. But it should be a very simple mod/ install. This will unlock cold starts, progressive throttles and a host of other things like torque control etc… This is all Aaron Neubauer fault for posting about Emtron ecus and their neat tuning method throttle mass flow.
  11. Facebook sucks compared to forums. Did you get a dog!?
  12. Looks awesome! I love that intake.
  13. I think you need to fiddle with those butterflies for sure.
  14. They sell all sorts of lengths stalks. The spring is the park that is harder to cut. The stalks are easy.
  15. I would assume you have a single wire that is shorting to ground. Or drawing too many amps. Can you trace it?
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