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  1. Working on my 280zxt Cas signal, so I can do full sequential. I got a very nice 280zxt distributor without a cas from a fellow Datsun nerd. I then found a basically new fully Nissan Cas from a 1998 Nissan Quest. Which has the correct trigger wheel. Pretty neat. Dizzy is getting vapor blasted today and I should have it all installed by the weekend. Pretty excited!
  2. Haltech elite 750 harness will have to be split anyways (each side of the engine) . It won’t rejoin at all. I am more and more confident I can do it in those two holes.
  3. I got all my boots in, I wish there was an easy way to test the coils. But I know the spring is compressed on the spark plug, so I should be good. How has everyone run new ecu wiring into the engine bay? My early 240z has dealer AC. Which complicates things. Really I only have two holes open. The choke cable hole and the tunnel hole near the shifter. I would rather not cut any holes. If I leave the coil power wiring in the engine bay and do the o2 sensor and maybe the triggers for the coils through tunnel hole I am thinking I might have enough room for it with those two holes? It’s going to be tight, but I think I can do it all clean and nice. I will be using german braied loom for the whole project. No pulsed outputs. Plans Choke hole Injector wiring Cas wiring Air temp Coolant temp TPS Crank trigger wiring Tunnel hole Injector triggers Power and ground O2 sensor Fuel pump wiring is already in place. I also got in the euro kit from Hoke for my crank trigger. Which should work better on my series 1 dampener. I have to remove .08 from the backside to have it perfect. Then off to paint. Blue or black?!
  4. Plug works perfectly. Also allows me to have the wire in a perfect line.
  5. You would have to drill and tap it. Also find a way to secure the coil better. Blake only allows for 1 attachment point. My bracket has the ring so the coil is rock solid. Either he or I will sell the brackets. Just waiting on a response from him
  6. Bracket is done! I need to test a plug. But I think they will clear and be able to come on and off easily
  7. Thanks! it's getting cut today.
  8. Ben are you running wasted spark? I think the file is done and ready to cut and mount
  9. I just learned that my hoke 60-2 should be enough to get the ecu all the data it needs for the crank/ cam. Pretty neat!
  10. I am sure the heritage work great. Same basic concept.
  11. Definitely not from scratch. All the hard work is done. The Blake bracket would already work if I could live with some of the things about it.
  12. First test print to look at clearances. I think it will need to be angled more. I like the valve cover mount. It’s not perfect but it’s sturdy and easy.
  13. I am designing up a coil bracket like the Blake machine one but uses nissan RB coils. This uses 2006 350z coils heads (Hitachi IGC0003 Ignition Coil) and spring. Then a boot from a 2005 Chrysler 300. They fit perfect.
  14. Well I have decided on ITB for my 240z build. My triple Mikuni 44s sound cool, but the smell of gas in my garage is driving me nuts. My HVAC unit is right next to my car in my garage and the fumes seem to move into the whole house. I also think the mikuni 44s are a bit much for a stock 2.4L, and I never dialed them in perfectly. I bought the jenvy 45s, injectors etc.. from Datsun Spirit. I will probably do a haltech elite 750 ecu. I got a hoke trigger kit for my stock 240z pulley and will do some sort of cam sensor from the dizzy spot. Goal is to look basically period but be EFI. I will re use my SK intake.
  15. On Facebook if you go to the mikuni group or message Mike Malone or Taka Sato, they normally have leads or have carbs.
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