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  1. I think this ITB vacuum balance bar will work and look good. It’s far enough way from the header in this spot as well.
  2. Next hurdle is a hidden vacuum log for my ITB. My plans for a billet clamp won’t work with the stock hardware. But a simple cushion clamp should do the trick. Next is welding 3x 1/4 hose barbs onto my 5/8 OD aluminum pipe. It’s been threaded to -6 orb on each end. With the plan to use iac at some point.
  3. Old and new playing nicely
  4. Now where the heck do I put this.
  5. It means a lot coming from you bud. I was hoping to test fire today. But somehow I lost one of the swivel vac fittings, dammit
  6. test fitment is going awesome
  7. I have never drilled a hole in my low miles series 1. That’s my goal to keep going.
  8. I love making/ designing parts! I think it’s my favorite part of this strange hobby. This is a zero hole in my car EFI FPR mount. Next I will have it cnc cut. This is just 3D printed. Draw, design, test and make. So much fun. I really like how simple this radium fuel pressure regulator is. Uses a Bosch top. Very well thought out.
  9. Spacers are done. This should work awesome
  10. SK ITB update! Fuel rail is looking sweet!
  11. Fuel rail design is coming along.
  12. So either coil packs or coil on plug. I am using R35 coils, lots of people use the LS style coils with good success. Crank sensor is a bit up in the air. Does your dampener have an ability to add a trigger wheel?
  13. I love it when a plan comes together. Happy Friday! Vintage SK ITB is coming along nicely
  14. Got them cut. Next is more test fitting and then surface finish to match.
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