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  1. EFI hardware is saying a Log is bad, a log is what I have done in the past. Its all a ? They want equal length going to a collector. https://www.efihardware.com/products/1963/map-sensor-collector-kit-6-cyl-inc-hose-for-equal-length-connection
  2. Finally got my cnc stacks in! They look amazing
  3. I have 5 progressive cnc throttle cams for sale. 10mm shaft. Comes with everything in the picture. Gives resolution to ITB and triple carbs. Basically more pedal travel for less throttle travel. Should make street driving more enjoyable. So far a few cars are running around with them. 125$ each shipped Pm me or email me m2racing@bumperlift.com
  4. I have a few progressive cams left to sell, if anyone is looking.
  5. Finally nailed down a perfect length, bend with proper spring tension to the spark plug! Now off to Thailand to be made.
  6. I have proper spring engagement! Next is 3-5mm longer in the middle section, so the coils push down completely over the spark plug when installed.
  7. I am trying to get better spring engagement on my R35 Coil stalks. Here is v5. I hope it works!
  8. Since my throttles are taper bore. There isn't a velocity stack that looks classic and is the correct size, so I had these drawn up and cnc cut. Sadly I screwed up a measurement, so they have to get cut again. These are 65mm length stacks, which I think make them look better with the shorter throttle bodies. Thoughts? 865c1107babc421bb8381e64ca3a31b8.MOV
  9. Also I got my taper bore pro EFI hardware 45mm throttle bodies! They are cnc cut and very pretty, the have the most shallow injector angle I could find, and I love the bearings, 8mm shafts and butterfly angle. Sadly they were damaged in shipping, so back to waiting.
  10. I am working on the stalks now, 3D printing and test fitting how the stock springs will work. The goal is cheaper and rigid like the stalk coils, I plan to make and sell a few of the brackets.
  11. Also working on a new coil bracket, this one has a built in angle for the boots not to be bent so much. It was cut on a 5axis cnc.
  12. I got the idea for the angle here. This is a Fet v2 or v3. The issue with those intakes is the middle carb/ throttle is higher. So you can't run a solid fuel rail. Also this version of the FET has 30mm runners at the head. So lots of porting is needed.
  13. Well I ended up selling my SKs. I am going EFI hardware pro throttles and a vintage FET V1 intake. The FET has about a perfect injector angle and should spray fuel directly down the middle of the runners. The only real issue is they have huge ports at the head, so I will be welding them up and matching to my head.
  14. Will you keep the Mikuni step up?
  15. Fet V1 for the win! Still waiting on mine
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