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  1. I have them, work of art. Super easy install.
  2. What level of nerd is this? 10 out of 10?
  3. I am not even paying for the 5 axis cut! A buddy owes me a favor.
  4. 3D printing is more for test fitment. I have yet to see any real world parts that hold up.
  5. Lots of tuning to go. But she is alive. IMG_3354.MOV
  6. I don't expect to sell them. My plan is 5 axis and fancy.
  7. I still think this engine deserves this data to be made public. I actually thought the engine was in Robs own car?
  8. The fact Zcar won't release data is so strange to me. Why the hush hush?!
  9. Final touches on this new R35 coil bracket design. Next is laser cutting for final test fitment. Joseph Monti did a great job with this design, the boot angle was all his idea. Previously the coil boots had a huge curve in them, which we both hated, this splits the difference (22.5 degrees). I also disliked the coil head angle I had originally decided on. This new coil head angle keeps the wiring nice and secured.
  10. Finally figured out how to get the vac tube to clear the linkage. Last piece of the linkage puzzle is done IMG_2779.MOV
  11. I actually have no idea, thats at the engine builders.
  12. Well the plan works and i finally found time this am to finish it. Balanced vac, pcv, hidden wires. All with vintage SK ITB. Why do I do this to myself!? Gosh I love to tinker. Now to see if she will run again, which the neighbors love.
  13. No, I don't have a solid plan for that yet.
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