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  1. Troy Ermish has a few NOS Mikunis. I would contact him https://www.ermish-racing.com/
  2. Googling R180 diff cover had tons and tons of options.
  3. Just fill this thread with pictures of peoples installs and sound clips:)
  4. Buy through https://jessestreeter.com/ It was about 30% cheaper then any other option. Jesse is awesome to deal with as well.
  5. Searching facebook never works that well for me. I love forums.
  6. I wasn't following this build. I am now! So cool. Congrats
  7. Yeah, I kind of figured something. Vapor blasting the carbs would make them look the best. But they will always have pitting.
  8. Someday lets build me a head:)! Stroker, 3.1L and triples.
  9. It's not long, so my guess would be runner length. But I am not a automotive engineer:)
  10. I have an older intake that has a crazy step in it. So it steps up to the carbs.
  11. That's going to sound so good! Will you do different intake runner lengths? I know people say longer= lower rpm torque.
  12. Riley is the best! I use him almost exclusively.
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