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  1. I am going to attempt to move my FPR to the drivers side and use it. That way I am hard lines under the car. I will T the return from 7mm to 5mm and return via the stock 5mm line and the 7mm vapor vent line. Then use the 5/16 to feed the ITBs. Hopefully it works! I bought some 7mm efi fuel hose from belmetric. So that should give me a good amount more flow. Hopefully my push lock fittings work with it. My FPR mount was waiting to fail, i cut a lot of the strength out. So I will need to fabricate another and put it in my stock coil spot. Should end up looking pretty clean and simple.
  2. I took to a local radiator shop. They actually said they did it all the time. I was told its a common thing for radiator shops to do.
  3. The black tank is mine. The other was some image from google. I had mine, acid cleaned, then sealed. Then the exterior is powder coated.
  4. My stock lines are 5mm return and 8mm supply. So the Return gets a 3/16 line. Which is pretty tiny.
  5. First major setback. The return stock hardline is too small and is causing pressure to build up. Lowest I can get is 75psi. My plan is reuse the 8mm fill line as my new return then run 3/8 new flexible hose from the pump to the fuel rail. Then 5/16 line from the FPR to the 8mm stock line back to the tank. Then Y the 8mm (5/16) hardline to stock 5mm return and the 10mm tank vent.
  6. So cool, I can't wait to see it done.
  7. Telsa swapped Porsche is my next build I will attempt (If I can find the money). https://www.zelectricmotors.com/ They don't use the model 3 batteries. They all model S battery packs. https://www.evwest.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=4&products_id=463&osCsid=do45arn6gds71gq6vo893ikdk5 You can buy pretty much everything you need to swap them into a VW or Porsche. Pretty neat stuff. Telsa Motor https://www.evwest.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=8&products_id=476&osCsid=do45arn6gds71gq6vo893ikdk5
  8. now Engine bay is wired Now to hook up the fuel pump, keyed ignition and tach
  9. The 240sx trans fits perfectly in an early 240z. No cutting required. It's almost identical for the shifter hole. You need to buy the new mount. Godzilla race works has a package for it. I have this in my 240z.
  10. I have the AHP and I love it, I have professional welding buddies that help me when I want a part to look nice. They are always impressed.
  11. I got pretty far but I didn’t finish. Tedious work
  12. Injectors are wired. I can’t tell if that was fun or not. But I’m proud of how it turned out. Matches my coils pretty darn well. Now the easy stuff is left. Hopefully I will get that all done tomorrow.
  13. This is my plan for the injector positive. Basically a Y splice and crimp. The pulley wire isn’t cut. Just the sheath is removed. Then crimped another wire onto it. Then a dab of soldier. Then heat shrink. Should work perfectly. It’s just going to take a long time!
  14. It’s shorter. Which I didn’t want. I actually called Jenvy and asked for raw in the standard size. They said no
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