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  1. The coils are at least ip4 or ip6 waterproofed. I have pressure washed my engine and then drove the car home. If that helps.
  2. Rebello pistons just got back from ceramic coating by Performance Coatings, Inc. No clue if it was a good idea or not. But we decided to give it a try. Ceramic on top, anti scuff on sides, thermal barrier on bottom. The color is more of a bronze then the picture is showing.
  3. A few of you may know this. But last year I designed and made a coil on plug bracket based of Bryan Blake’s ford coil on plug design. It uses the Nissan coil head used on the Nissan GTR R35. Works perfectly, bolts on and you can even buy a very nice pre made wiring harness from platinum racing products. Coils are fairly cost effective. Takes a specific boot (2-3 actually work) to work. It’s one of the best coils on the market. I believe only the AEM coil beats it. Basically he took my design based off of his, then fixed some of my issues and is now selling them. Bottom pictures are my bracket installed on my 240z. Email Bryan to place and order. Eventually he will sell on eBay. bryan@blakemachine.com
  4. My 3.1ish stroker build ran into a small issue. The block will need to be clearanced a little more. The extra long stroked LD crank (84.6) is to blame. The engine can be rotated, and it just barely touches about one time out of three. That’s just the .002” of bearing clearance rocking one way or another. Deck height is within .002” of each other. Andrew Kazanis is a L series wizard. Hopefully when he retires he will build Datsun motors and especially do more head work.
  5. Facebook doesn't work, they stop people from being able to search, really it's a poor substitute. I would seriously look at the 3.7, happy medium? I think they are a bit rare. But might be awesome.
  6. Well I’m probably a idiot. But I decided to swap my Jenvey throttles bodies out for something a little more vintage/ classic. These are late 70s early 80s SK throttle bodies. They are 47mm that taper to 45. I picked them up off yahoo japan. They have a nice vac balance port on them. I bought two sets off a single seller. Now time to fabricate a single piece fuel rail and find a tps sensor that works. They should match my SK intake nicely. The old SK stuff is so nicely cast. I’m excited!
  7. Love it. Keep it up,t he VQ is one of my favorite motors in a z.
  8. I now need you to build me a 6 speed trans that will fit in my series 1 without modifications to the tunnel:)
  9. Well injectors are back and I have efi spark plugs. I spent a while tuning this weekend and with Tioga’s help I think I finally found one of my major problems. The tps was set at its highest sensitivity. It would bounce from .34-.49. Thus causing the ecu to think it needs to apply timing and fuel and making it run terrible. I turned it to the lowest and it’s rock solid at 0% and .01 of a voltage change. Haltech is a nice system. But wow is there a lot of settings. If anyone needs Z car help. I would recommend Tioga with Automotive Solutions! IMG_6375.MOV
  10. I have 445cc from injector clinic. They are data matched and come with the details you need for your ecu.
  11. I can't wait to see flow data! I bet it will do well. I would buy it just for the looks. So much better then the stock.
  12. Well my injectors are fine! Gosh I hope it was the spark plugs.
  13. Tioga has been helping me a lot! I think I have a better handle on the haltech software, which is very complicated. A few things we have found/ learned I was using stock plugs, which I switched in at some point. I upgraded to plugs with resistors (BPR6ES) I was attempting to use throttle % for maps, but no map existed. All were map. So I don't know what the ecu was even doing or deciding what do to. Tioga gave me some helpful maps to use as a base for throttle % based tune. I figured out how to turn data logging on. I am kind of hopeful that the spark plug without resistors could be my issue. Causing feedback all across my ecu and wiring, and causing the injectors to drop or misfire. Gosh that would be a easy fix and dumb of me to miss that. Thanks again Tioga!
  14. Project hand throttle is done and working. Should help with cold starts with my ITB. Until I get my iac system sorted out. IMG_6219.MOV
  15. My elite 750 has 6 drivers. Wired directly. Spark plugs are definitely fouled.
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