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  1. I have a stage 1-2 kit for sale, all the highest end parts you can get. Non vented toyota fronts and maxima rears all professionally rebuilt by stop tech. All of it bolts on and uses the stock MC. Also retains e-brake. Pm me if interested. This includes everything in the first picture minus the 1" MC. Which wasn't sized right for this kit. Only selling to go z garage.
  2. I am building a 3.0-3.2L next winter, gosh I might need to save up my nickles for this head. Dammit Derek:)
  3. This is on my list to do. I wish someone made a dog leg shifter for it.
  4. Troy Ermish has a few NOS Mikunis. I would contact him https://www.ermish-racing.com/
  5. Googling R180 diff cover had tons and tons of options.
  6. Just fill this thread with pictures of peoples installs and sound clips:)
  7. Buy through https://jessestreeter.com/ It was about 30% cheaper then any other option. Jesse is awesome to deal with as well.
  8. Searching facebook never works that well for me. I love forums.
  9. I wasn't following this build. I am now! So cool. Congrats
  10. Yeah, I kind of figured something. Vapor blasting the carbs would make them look the best. But they will always have pitting.
  11. Someday lets build me a head:)! Stroker, 3.1L and triples.
  12. It's not long, so my guess would be runner length. But I am not a automotive engineer:)
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