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  1. I love it when a plan comes together. Happy Friday! Vintage SK ITB is coming along nicely
  2. Got them cut. Next is more test fitting and then surface finish to match.
  3. From idea to test Fit in a week. Cnc cut next week. Only tweak is matching the step and radius of the step to the throttle bodies. This will be a decorative mount for a single piece fuel rail.
  4. with the injectors not being in an ideal spot, I really am trying to find the best spray pattern.
  5. 315-450 cc or 30-40lb. But I still haven't figured that all out yet.
  6. Well this looks good! Next project is to figure out is the single piece fuel rail and mounts plus injectors. Then they are ready to go on.Vintage SK ITB is coming together.
  7. Making vintage 40mm SK throttle bodies into 45mm. Machinist was amazed on how square they are. .003 off of true center. These are for Andrew Kazanis as a thanks for taking such good care of my 3.1L IMG_0189.mp4
  8. Pretty proud of how these vintage SK throttle bodies came out. All new zinc, shafts and butterfly’s. I can’t wait for them to sing on my 3.1L
  9. I rebuilt this 82-83 turbo distributor today. New bearing, all new zinc and a new z31 cas. only issue so far is the Cas disk I have might be bent. also Cas turbo upgrade method #2. This is for a 82-83 turbo distributor. Instead of using long nuts and bolts. I thought this would be a cleaner install. Drilled out the base to allow m5 jis screws. Then threaded and tapped the maxima cas
  10. Stroker update! Paint and finishing touches.
  11. I decided it was a great idea to become a dad at 40 and renovate a 100 year old building to become a brewery/ restaurant all in the same year.
  12. Sorry I’m under slept from my son thinking that 4am is a perfect time to start the morning. Lol.
  13. The fittings on the top are from a Toyota. I’m guessing they are originally toyota carbs. 40s are a great carb for even a fairly built 2.8L. But they aren’t as easy to sell, no clue why. I have sold 28 mikuni’s in the last few years. All but one set were 44s. I don’t know if I agree on the intake or not. But maybe I’m wrong.
  14. We call those S5 mikuni 40s. They are worth around half what 45s are. They have center pull linkage, which is worth around $100-150 each. So a added bonus of 200-300 to the total value. The intake looks to have been cut apart? Which hurts it's value.
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