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  1. I should have a test bracket in my hands soon, maybe tomorrow?
  2. I had a throttle body not seated all the way. I switched from studs on the intake to bolts and it fixed it. I am in the middle of tuning and trying some settings. Frustrating, but also sort of fun! There are so so many settings! I am also trying to track down a weird hesitation that seems to come and go, so either spark or fuel. I kind of wish I would have made a hand throttle using my stock choke lever for bumping the rpms for warm up, sure would have been easier. With the same tune, the engine doesn't run the same with the large balance bar. Also have the balance bar after the injectors isn't ideal.
  3. All will be checked, but they should be spot on for the $.
  4. 3.2L engine parts arrived from Rebello today! JE Pistons, Eagle rods and king race bearings. Rod bearing clearances are spot on. Marine Crank did a fanstatic machining job on my extra long stroke LD crank.
  5. Probably my favorite engine swap in a Z
  6. Engine builder is removing the casting flash and de-burring the block today. Getting ready for Glyptol coating. Pretty neat.
  7. Well we finally got a block that passed sonic testing. It took 4 to get one that can handle the 88.5 pistons. N42 for the win! Thanks Andrew Kazanis! It’s going to be a sweet motor.
  8. Not keeping the intake ports rough. They are done already. Flow data is attached. Valve guides were left in during porting then replaced after by a machine shop. I don’t believe the chambers were touched. But I will ask Andrew (engine builder) I went through 4 E-31 heads before i found one that was cast nicely and no flaws.
  9. I did the dsi valves. Nothing was done to the chamber. But I installed dsi valves. Lots of port work though. Flows awesome.
  10. Well it runs, but terrible. I have a massive vac leak, either from my balance bar not sealing or maybe a throttle body wasn't bolted down correctly, I had issues with one not seating well. Even with throttle plates in the fully closed position it runs happily at 900 rpms. So it's getting a ton of air from somewhere.
  11. Haltech elite 750. I will set the butterflies first. Then I can still use the iac for a rock solid idle. But it’s normally perfect.
  12. Warm I want the valve almost 0% open
  13. Pretty neat feature. I will try to set warmed idle at butterfly’s and at the ITB air bypass screws. Hopefully i can leave the IAC adjustable bleed closed
  14. PCV question. This isn’t a debate about the need for a PCV vs a catch can. I want true postive vent. I decided I want to use my exhaust to pull the fumes out, to keep the dirty fumes out of my intake. But since I have Fujitsubo. I have true dual exhaust. Is plumbing to one good enough? Should I still use the stock check valve? I would guess it holds back a tiny bit of pressure before popping open? My plan was to weld this bung at a 45 just past my o2 bungs on my exhaust. With the stock check valve in line.
  15. My comment wasn't directed at you.
  16. Well I wanted it flawless. So it takes a while. my system uses the exact pumps and nozzles as the top system on the market.
  17. Well the 80s bmw iac is awesome, smaller and nice looking. Let’s no air or minimal amount by when physically closed. Now to find out what pin is positive.
  18. It probably took 5 hours to vapor blast all of it. Lots of surface area.
  19. E31 is back from final surfacing! Vapor blasting it was tedious. But results areawesome.
  20. Thank you so so much. Ordering now
  21. Internet is coming up with zero on the plug.
  22. I bought the vdo. Thanks for the help! Now I need to find a pigtail first the harness
  23. No throttle blade on any carb or throttle body that I have seen is designed to seat 100%. On carbs that I have rebuilt you can see damage from people trying. I got it to run and idle down, but butterflys stick almost fully. I will fix it right and get an IAC that closes 90-100%. Really I want the IAC off after it's warm. OEMs that do ITB use a large balance log just like this, bmw etc..
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