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2JZ engine build question

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Yes, ebay not easy.

Yes fwd face. Throttle body, just anyone that fits. What trouble did yall have?

Sorry i meant rear sump. I wrote this really late lol.

I'm still debating on ignition. I dont mind distributor but i will need a spacer on the turbo.

AutoSport Engineering on Facebook makes the adapter kits and flywheels as well. Made to order so the wait is about 2 weeks.

Clutch is Action clutch and local buy. New and guy didn't need it anymore.

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Throttle body is massive. The only real option is like $300+. The company that supplies the flanges used to sell one for a couple hundred, but they seem to be out of stock. Dexter adapted smaller. I cut off and welded on a smaller one.


No worries, just wanted to make sure you weren't heading into a world of hurt with a front sump.


Hmm then would you be planning on cutting the hood? The turbo sticking out is always a fun little treat.


I'll have to add that to my list. The only option I've found that is complete was collins, their small size dual clutch was the cheapest option for a twin disk and kit and that was a solid 2k.

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Here's how I'm getting around the whole throttle conversion deal. Got a used throttle body spacer for a 350Z, welded up to the stock manifold. I'll get another one to get the TB to clear the manifold. 350Z TB's are 70mm so it's a small size upgrade over stock as well.




My infinity 6 ecu will handle the dbw and let's me eliminate the iacv, which when sold paid for the TB and oem gas pedal.

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