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  1. Did you figure this out? I've been sitting on the kit for awhile and just got around to buying the calipers but I got the calipers from autozone. Almost same price so to avoid the time delay for a merely 10 buck savings, I picked them up locally. Any updates before I start? I got C8166 and C8167 brake calipers.
  2. Can we post all questions here? dont wanna thread jack
  3. No unfortunately i picked up a 95 non vvti dizzy 2jzge. I was able to connect all the wires to the best of my knowedge and my ecu connects to my laptop. I have 12v to injectors and coils and other sensors 5v. My tps reads backwards. At closed throttle it reads 80 percent open. At WOT it reads close to zero. Tried swapping the wires out and no change. I already contacted softopz. Im wondering, is using the oem harness and a plug and play ecu better? I dont care whether i use a dizzy or coils. Stock injectors or aftermarket. I just wanna drive my car. 300 hp is plenty. THe car has no reinforceme
  4. well ive made it this far doing my own research. Thanks for the input.
  5. 1. IDK i just want a decent hp for street use/daily. What should i use for this issue?> 2. Im searching for some now. rc's are pretty cheap 3. Seems like theres plenty of space. Ill line it up monday . i forgot my toolbox key today.
  6. Hi sorry for not responding earlier. Kinda forgot about this post lol. Ok so heres my set up and honestly, its very basic and not crazy. 2JZ-GE from a 1995 GS300 2006 CD009 LQ9 coils Stock injectors. aiming for 300-500 hp. Mild rebuild (rings gapped for boost, looser clearances, stock headgasket) MS3x with harnesses AEM wideband Ebay everything. Throttle body, mounts, intake plenum. EGR deleted. Oil level deleted. Distributor cap and rotor deleted. (saw on another post that dizzy is used for cam position sensor). Manual boost controller.
  7. Thank you so much. So i took the original engine harness and cut the plugs off each sensor and the obvious labeled wires from MS harness are being routed towards the sensors. I have basic wiring skills (civic k swaps, radios and diagnostics)
  8. This is the diagram i found online. I would like to run coils as well. Most of the NA-T builds here just show pictures of the wiring being done not so much in detail. CHecked sticky as well. skips over wiring.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm sure this has been brought up before but ive researched for the past few weeks and with several people throwing opinions at me, i need some clarification. I'm going bald stressing over this. I have a 75 280z 2jzge rebuilt na-t. First shop -" Go microsquirt". Their cost to wire up - $800 and supposedly 2 weeks. 4 weeks in, never touched it. Second shop-"Go megasquirt assembled unit since its cheaper and we'll wire it up." $750. Bought the ems and they said it was the wrong one. I called DIY and they said it was per
  10. Miata seats and rails to 79912 please. Thanks
  11. Question, did you change the tranny mount yet? About to mock mine up and thinking of using the frame as well but wanted to check in to see how yours is holding up
  12. El Paso dont care either. 25% tint. No emmisions needed on 25 year old cars. Basic safety (lights horn brakes and tires). Thats it. Only cost me $8 to pass inspection July 2017.
  13. Yes, ebay not easy. Yes fwd face. Throttle body, just anyone that fits. What trouble did yall have? Sorry i meant rear sump. I wrote this really late lol. I'm still debating on ignition. I dont mind distributor but i will need a spacer on the turbo. AutoSport Engineering on Facebook makes the adapter kits and flywheels as well. Made to order so the wait is about 2 weeks. Clutch is Action clutch and local buy. New and guy didn't need it anymore.
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