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I've got a 1975 280z with a stock suspension. This is the only Z I've ever driven so I can't really compare it to anything but I feel like the ride is pretty rough. I can feel every tiny imperfection in the road and if I hit any kind of hole or bump at a good speed it feels pretty bad. It gets very floaty on the freeway. I've got it on 215/55r16 tires. 

I don't race it or anything so it's just for normal street driving. I looked around at a bunch of other forums and from what I read it looks like Eibach Pro Spring Kits rated at 150lb in the front and 175lb in the rear is what people are suggesting, with Tokico HP struts.

I was wondering if anyone is running this setup and could maybe say anything about it like if it isn't too rough for just everyday driving. Or if maybe something new has come out that I didn't find and anyone had suggestions.

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When was the last time your strut cartridges were replaced? With all things stock, new cartridges and bushings (not the 40 year old originals you may very well have), and a proper alignment, the car should feel pretty decent.

That said, it's still a 40 year old car and came with some pretty soft springs from the factory. I'm in the process of swapping mine for much stiffer springs (250lb/in front, 275lb/in rear) and in my opinion the car feels much more planted, and only to have improved its ride quality.

I've also read numerous reports of a front air dam improving highway floating. I have one, but I had other problems before I put it on that prevented me from really feeling a difference.

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