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$250 HY35W Chinese ebay turbo???

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One of those things where if you have to ask, probably best not to. 

They have in general come up in quality, but one really wouldn't be surprised if they prematurely fail. A genuine turbo is more or less a life of the engine kind of thing, eBay turbos don't seem to do well at 10,000 miles if it even makes it past the first 10 miles.

There are some half measure places. CX has better quality control according to some. Driftmotion turbos use genuine garrett center sections in aftermarket housings. VR I think even offers a warranty longer then 30 days. 

If you are not equipped to deal with one going bad, (blown oil seals, unbalanced wheels, fragments chipping and going through the engine), then probably not worth a look.

I mean for a bit more than $500 you can get a brand new borgwarner turbo with a warranty and customer support.



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On 11/1/2017 at 10:41 PM, zeiss150 said:

I’ve watched a few reviews on YouTube but they were pushing the turbos pretty hard.  I’ll watch a few more.  


I have no problem spending $$$ on a turbo I was just wondering if the $250 eBay turbo was better than the $125 turbo. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Here's a thought:

Find a used HY35 for a reasonable price, get a rebuild kit:


and then get a Taiwanese billet extended tip compressor wheel (essentially the same tech as the Garrett GTX series):



There are some other brands out there too, but I can vouch for the Mamba wheel - I'm currently running one in my GT4294R, and the results were VERY impressive.  I had already bought, installed and tuned a brand new GTX4202R (not cheap!) and was just going to refurb the old GT4294R and sell it.  The old turbo had a nick in the compressor wheel so I figured what the hell and ordered one of these Mamba wheels.  The new wheel was taller AND lighter than the stock cast wheel, and happily I decided to swap it back in just to see how well it worked.  It not only spooled faster than the old GT4294R, it out-performed the GTX4202R on the top end as well!  I sold the 4202 and never looked back.

Full disclosure - I also replaced the turbine wheel/shaft with a new stock replacement, so I was certain that everything was properly balanced - they both come "zero balanced" so you can safely just assemble and go.  I've had zero problems with this setup.  I believe that this is also the case with the "stock" turbo wheels, so you should just be able to install the new compressor wheel on the old turbine wheel/shaft and go, but I won't swear to it.




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