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Hey guys, kind of new here. I was wondering if any of you have any information on zinc plating small objects? I was introduced to the topic at a meet and I’m wanting to try it. I tried searching it up on youtube to see some sort of video for the process, but have come up with a lot of trashy vidoes. 


Was wondering if anyone here has done it by themselves, what all is needed? Is there some sort of recipe to follow? Lastly, any steps would be great. 



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Honestly for the effort involved just take it to the pros. I got all my strikers for hood , doors, trunks, ashtray, gas cap and ring plated for 40 or 50 $ locally here in Ottawa.  I chose yellow for half the stuff and silver for the other half. They first acid dipped to remove any dirt and oils then gave them back to me just asked me to wire brush and clean off any paints to bring the cost down.  I feel like getting everything zinc plated








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