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Running cool (maybe?)

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Glad to hear some of the problems are sorted.    Unpowered Windmilling propellers in aircraft cause a huge amount of drag.  Opposing fans, in my head would be causing quite a bit of turbulence. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is causing a lack of airflow through your radiator. My sugguestion now is removing one of the two fans (I’d remove the pusher) and running the system as is. Of course a shrouded system doesn’t hurt.  If your fan isn’t covering most of the radiator I’d say a shroud is required.


Keep us updated.


I use to have my fans on a 5 terminal relay. The thermo switch would turn on the fans at the appopriate time, and I also had a switch inside the cabin which would turn them on as required.  Using this method you could scrap your second fan. Lighter, less complex and you have a backup fan on the shelf when the first kicks the bucket.

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