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tripple carb hesitation

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I have a tipple weber setup with an MSA stage III cam, header,2.5 inch exhaust and have hesitation on take off or just giving it gas at any rpm. I had 40's but the guts are now 45's. Is that something that is inherent with those carbs that I have to live with or can it be adjusted out?

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You should go and read the thread about Weber carbs. It is loaded with good info.

Regarding your concerns, you need to check and share your setup with different jets sizes before anyone could help you out. Check also your float level with correct fuel pressure, give us details about how you setup the idle screw (how many turns?), the kind of triple you have (45DCOE142 ?), etc.


Some were having troubles to tune the newer 45DCOE. The fix AFTER ALL ADJUSTMENTS WERE TRIED was to drill an extra progression hole. 

Good luck!

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Its quite a bit to know. Depending on your vacuum level at idle tells you how many progression holes you need. Is your ignition correct, valve gap correct, fuel level correct, then you start to fiddle wirh your carbs.

The second question do you want to go the weber way (then read the carb section) or modern way (then go to the yahoo dcoe group).

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