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Revisiting the line lock

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Currently I have the rear brake lines coming up into the cab with a proportioning valve, then fed into the hydraulic hand brake then returning to the rear brakes.


When I need to get out of the car for a moment (enter gate code, grab a ticket, etc) I have a little nut that I slip under the hydraulic hand brake to keep the car stationary. 


I made a different hydraulic hand brake which does not have this feature, nor do I think it will allow for something of this style feature given the eventual mounting location. I've seen others online run a bungie cable and hook the handle to supply just a little bit of pressure to keep the car from rolling, but I would like to look into a line lock again.


I had a Jammar push to lock line lock at one point, but I've had it pop up several times while testing which made me remove it from the system. I would like to stay away from the solenoid style, as I have heard of them burning out.


That brings me to ball valves. I'm not talking about the cheaper ones, I'm talking about the higher pressure rated precision ball valves. Several of the offroad groups seem to run these as they usually loose parking capabilities with their lifts. Any one have thoughts on the matter?


The one I am looking at at the moment is B-43F2




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I actually have a stainless version of that valve that I was going to use for a line lock too, until I saw that a parking brake option was available for the AZC Wilwood setup.  I never really liked the idea of not having a mechanical way to brake the car.

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