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Ls1 to Champion radiator hoses.

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When i was looking up which hoses to use for LS1 to Champion radiators I couldn't find a definite answer so I figured I'd show how I did mine. Hopefully this can help a few people out. Both purchased from O'reilly's and they had them in stock. The hose end that attatches to the thermostat housing is stubborn so you will probably want to use soapy water to make it a little easier.

Upper hose PN:22625

Lower hose PN:22478


Sorry for the out of order photos. Every time I uploaded them it would put them in whatever order it wanted.







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Nice setup.  I personally planned on running one of those thermostat housings from jegs that is a straight input to the water pump from the radiator.  That way, you dont have to deal with the weird angle of the stock water pump inlet and they are the same diameter.


Jegs Part # : 53270K



But hey, nice to know the parts needed to use the stock neck.


While I'm here, are you using the stock steam port tubing and if so where are you planning to plumb it in?

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