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240Z built NA V8 swap build

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I've got a V8 240Z build going and figured I'd share some information (and solicit feedback and advice from the community) along the way.  Of course there are many of these builds on hybridz, but it looks like there's still room to contribute for this kind of build.  Have a bunch of the parts for the build already, but there's a long way to go. 


The host car: 1971 240Z.  Good condition, not completely original, just under 100k miles.



Goals for the swap: fun mountain road + weekend street car.  Intend it to equal or somewhat exceed my other engine swapped turbo car.

- "Good effort" NA V8 build for street use (600-700hp range)

- Simplicity.  If we can remove a failure point or find a simpler way to do something, we will

- Reliability via simplicity and over-building where uncertain.


Have the engine, tranny, and piles of other parts already.  Next post will have more on those.

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The engine:

- 440ci (7.2L) 4.185 x 4.000 Darton sleeved Gen IV LS (Had considered 4.125 stroke as opposed to 4.000, but decided to go with shorter stroke for longevity as per recommendations)

- Texas Speed PRC 400cfm+ heads, MSD atomic intake

- Texas Speed pistons, rods, stroker crank.  

- GM E67 ECU w/ 50lbs/hr injectors

- Cam appropriate for power peak in upper 6000s on 440ci w/ 1.8 rockers

Already dynoed 700hp/610ftlbs:


Transmission: Tremec TUET11009 T56 Magnum

Rear diff: R230SN

Clutch: Monster LT1-S w/ 18lbs steel flywheel

Driveshaft: local custom TBD

Mount kit for engine from Hoke performance.




...more to come...

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Yeah, at a minimum we'll be reinforcing the frame rails and adding some strut tower bars.  Expecting that more will be needed as the strut tower bars won't solve the front-back twisting and the frame rails can only do so much.   I'm thinking we'll need to introduce a supplementary box structure of some kind (be it via a minimal cage or a few point to point connectors) to avoid twisting the roof.  Would like to keep the interior as close to stock as possible and not cut up the car too much, but willing to do what's necessary.  Will likely make some decisions on that in the next week or two as the full TTT suspension and rear-end conversion parts should arrive soon.  


Frame reinforcement and test fitment of the engine/tranny/diff combo along with installation of the rear end conversion are first on the list.

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I used PSI wire harness. It was very good harness, u can choose options like a/c or not and auto or manual trans and which trans it is. I used the harness just for the motor and accessories....I left the chassis wiring (headlights, taillights, interior lights) alone. 

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