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Body shell/ parts shipping

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Hi everyone,


I am interested in getting the rear body shell of a 240z off Craigslist/ Ebay or similar (preferably from the west coast) but it will need to be shipped from (insert town here) to LA to a shipping agent who can send it to New Zealand. My question is - does anyone know/ has used any transport firms or people that can ship the larger body frames/ panels, and can pick up from areas that are off the interstate. 


Thanks for your time.


p.s. Im after everything body-wise from the spare tire well back (excluding suspension and driveline) so if you have or know of a body shell that can be parted out - prefer a wreck rather than take from one that could get back on the road - please drop me an email.

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I believe one of our members here has quite a bit of experience in importing vehicles to the US.  He may also be involved in vehicle export.  Member name is "PLATA".


Also, if you're on Facebook, there is a gentleman on the "Datsun 240Z Classifieds" page that appears to be very active in the vehicle import/export business.  His name is is Robert Jackson.


One of these gents should be able to help you, if you're still looking for information.  Good luck with it.


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