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Hello I currently have a 454 engine that I got from a guy for $100 I plan to start from ground up and may use a t400 trans or a newer 4l60e I had a 2001 camaro but the problem with that is you have to drop the front axle to swap the engine and raise the car up. I had a 1988 zx before and like how it looks I was wondering if a 454 engine would fit in the 300zx engine bay



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The Mark-IV big block 454 is not to be confused with the LSX bored/stroked out to 454.  The latter will fit anywhere that a Gen III-IV small-block will fit.  The former is going to be challenging in a 300ZX.  In the above post, the first photo is of a Mark-IV big block, while the second is the LSX. 


An fellow named Grumpyvette for some number of years posted expert advice on the care and feeding of the big-block 454, achieving both impressive performance-numbers and reliability.  Doing this requires both an intuition for how parts go together, and as goes without saying, for acquiring said parts.  Begin with the casting numbers on the heads and block.  Are these a candidate for refurbishment, or ought one to ditch them, in favor of new (or at least alternative) parts?  Writing today, in the summer of 2018, it is hard to justify a Mark-IV big block, unless one is particularly fond of them, has the parts and equipment to support them, and has a particular hankering for such a novel swap.


I did this swap (with copious help) in an S30.  That project included setting the firewall back 6".  The big block will fit even without a firewall setback, and at least 2-3 people on this forum have built big-block S30s with stock firewall.  Opinions on weight-distribution are of course their own matter.


In a 300ZX, one supposes that the fit will be considerably less accommodating.  If one is truly keen on doing this, one could aggressively cut metal and secure an eventual fit.  Is it worth it?  Again, very much a matter of opinion.

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