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RB26dett transmission HELP! & 32 vs 33 engine

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Hello All,


I am ready to Order an RB26DETT, but am having a hold up on transmission. I have read the forums and searched, but most of my answers come in the form of pictures, but I am not able to see since the Photobucket account thing. The RB25DET is 5 speed is at $1,800. I know I can use a Z32 NA/ Turbo or a Z31 87-89 Turbo transmission for the swap, I just need the Rb26dett bellhousing. It seems from my research the Z32 will need the shifter bracket modified to line up with the shifter hole, I really would not like to cut to enlarge the hole. My question are:


Will a Z31 turbo (87-89) 5 speed work with the CXracing or McKinney Motorsport transmission mount for the s30z?

Will the transmission shifter line up correctly to the Z's shifter hole?


Same questions for Z32, will mounts work? Where can I buy a modified bracket to fit Z's shifter hole?


What about the Rb25det transmission? Will the shifter line up to the Z shifter hole? 


I just want to prevent from cutting trans tunnel.





Should I buy an R32 Rb26dett or an RB33 Rb26dett?? I know the 33 has a bit more torque and a few minor changes. The difference is $600 more for the R33 than the R32. Is worth dishing out the extra $600?


Thank You,






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