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Production of the John Coffey (Betamotorsports) 2jz/1jz Crossmember is BACK


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Hey everyone!

I don't know if you know me but my name is Mike Garcia and I am owner/builder of the Overkill Z. Years ago when I was building my car while searching for an engine mount for my S30 I came across John Coffey here on HybridZ. After looking at the other options I instantly felt his was the best designed and strongest option. I bought one and used it in my build. We became friends but missed the opportunity to buy the cross member JIG before his passing.

However fait has a funny way of working.... I recently moved to Southern California when I saw the Jig was up for sale down in San Diego. I made the 4 hour round trip the next day and bought the Jig with the sole purpose of making the cross members for the community.   

I am one guy with a Jig and the resources to REPRODUCE these cross members Just as John designed! These will be MADE TO ORDER and will be low production numbers to insure a QUALITY product.


So Just as I came across John you have now come across me. They will come as raw metal for ease of welding with the original instructions. YES these can be bolted in by drilling holes through the rails and cross member.


Price $350 a unit plus shipping to your door step. Happy building!

These are made for OEM 2jzgte engine mounts. People have used These for 1jzgte,vvti,GE swaps but may of had to swap out mounts. The 4bolt pattern is the same however the mount brackets vary. 


Message me for orders.

Instagram----- Mike321go

Facebook----- Mike Garcia






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55 minutes ago, OverkillZ said:

When they bolted it in they reinforced the holes with vertical tubing and used the side plate on the top. I think that was a bit much but if you’re going to do something might as well do it right. 

Actually that is almost passable. Given the frame rails in the engine bay aren't tubular and are C channel if you didn't run bedding posts you would pull the top portion down as you tightened the bolts which would crush the C channel as well as pull it away from the wheel tub/strut towers. By welding the plate they basically spread the load so that was a good idea, but I feel like welding an L instead of the plate that ties the bolt points to the wheel tub/shock tower would have been more beneficial. The way John designed it seems very purposeful. Wish he were still around to ask if it was indeed done so it wouldn't pull down the frame rails given it is its own spreader or if he made it like that to avoid the wiring harness clips in earlier cars or something more arbitrary.

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