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4L60E Crossmember Mounting points!! Consultation

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Alright guys,


cxracing engine mounts, LS1 + 4L60e


I modified the 4 speed 240z transmission cross member (drilled two holes) for the stock 4L60e mount to sit in. 


Now the most important question: How should I fabricate the cross-member mounting point to the frame/body? 


MY Ideal: replicate the stock 240z tansmission mount brace (weld peaces of metal to the trans tunnel to support it and fabricate two ears on each side for the cross member to mount to. CONCERN is: the trans tunnel wont be able to support the extra weight of the 4l60 (about 88 extra lbs from the 4 speed). Then I can add a reinforcement from the frame rail. 



Note: I can not use the already supported part of the trans tunnel because of the taller/ different position of the trans mounting points.


Advise please. Ideas are welcome








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No expert, but cantilevering off of the mount is probably not a good idea.  JCI has a mount that does the 4L60 and it ties into the floor.  The CXR ties into the front mounts and into the tunnel.  Keeping the stock mount may or may not be the answer it may be better to start from scratch.  CXR on the left with a T56  JCI on the right with a 4L60E I hope.  HTH, Richard. 



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What trackzpeed stated.  I am using the JCI kit with my 4L60E and the mount is, quite honestly, simple.  It is a bar that runs through the transmount with holes on either side.  You drill through the floor pans and then use the two plates that come with the kit (that have bolts/allthread) welded to them.

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