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45 DCOE Setting for modified L28 3.0 engine

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Hi together,


I'm new in this forum and hope to get some help regarding my Weber DCOE setting (Jet sizes, Tubes etc...).


I live in Germany and since four years I'm proud owner of a '74 Datsun 260z. I drove the car a few weekends and decided to restore and modify it a bit – which got even a bit more time after time.


One of the main modifications I’m doing is to swap the engine for a rebuilt L28.

This engine is soon ready for the engine dyno, but as I have no experience with the L6 I hope to get some help which carburetor jets (etc.) I should start with.

Actually the engine is at the dyno, so I can’t measure the DCOE parts that actually are installed - and I don’t get any details from Redline which carb-setup their kit has….


Here are some details about the engine I built:   (see added picture)

-          L28  F54 engine block with 89mm bore

-          L28 crankshaft weight-reduced, fine-balanced and temp-hardened

-          custom 89mm JE pistons

-          ARP H-shaft rods with L24-length

-          N42 head, ported, flow-optimized with 11.3:1 comp

-          44mm & 35mm valves

-          more aggr. camshaft

-          adjustable  pulley sprocket gear

-          Electromotive electr. Ignition

-          japanese stainless steel header and exhaust

-          Cannon manifold

-          3x Weber DCOE 45 (Redline Kit #K 659-45 4, Carb #19600.060)

-          open tubes / Ramair filters / K&N tube filters


There are a lot more details and modifications to it, but I hope these ones are the most necessary ones to know about.


Don’t hesitate to ask further – thanks in advance for you help!


Regards from Stuttgart,



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On ‎7‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 7:37 AM, munters said:

I guess you will have a "hot" cam. I would start with w50 and vf tubes from keith frank at yahoo dcoe group. W50 is for avacuum below 19hg. Otherwise it would be a hypojet26 alsi from keith.

Im running his jets and they are incredible better then weber jets.

Grüsse aus der Schweiz



Nice! I've been eyeing those mods. Those are next...

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