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280z upto date wiring harness and fuse box...

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Ok so... I've very recently acquired my 280z here in the UK. It's a US import with an sr20det swap and is in need of tidying up and finishing off. Today I started trying to take a look at the wiring harnesses. I pulled back the carpet and noticed a huge mess. The original loom behind the dash has been cut more times than Columbian cocaine. There are so many splices and tangled wires. 


I have used the search facility but to no avail I can't find the answer I'm looking for.... I want to know if there is a modern pre-made wiring loom out there or is it a home made effort? I want to strip the interior out and replace all wires for brand new. The original fuse box scares me with those glass fuses and I would ideally like to switch for a blade fuse box. I have found a listing on ebay for an up to date loom but not so sure about it.




Anyone have any experience with the above link or know of another one? 


I will be replacing the sr20 engine loom for a wiring specialties one to tidy up the bay. I want a minimalist look with no mess. 


Hope someone has info or can help! 



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58 minutes ago, NewZed said:

Nissan used lots of splices in the original harness.  In case you didn't know.  Try Motorsport Auto for things like a more modern fusebox.  http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/50-5010


Beside that, why was there carpet on the dash?


Awesome thanks for that I'll take a look!


The carpet seemed to be hiding all the loom for the stereo and center console switches.. The splices are those clam shell type splices that you slide over a wire and clamp down. Not very good really. So don't think they were put in there from Nissan.


The fuse box doesn't have a cover but found an image from Google so using that for working out the wiring. Also downloaded the service manual. The car seriously needs stripping back inside and the loom starting again. It starts and drives but everything is so intermittent.

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