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T3 and arizona z brake kit

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I'm going to be upgrading my brakes soon. I'm leaning toward getting the t3 front and rear kit. Part of me was thinking about getting the arizona z front kit and using it with the t3 rears. I like that the Arizona z kit is a slightly larger rotor. Does anyone know if they use the same calipers? Is anyone running the arizona z front and t3 rear?

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The kits are almost exactly the same so for the sake of simplicity I would just order them all from T3. The AZC kit is however also available with a larger rotor and also have a 6 pot option. However I can't see the need for it, my Z is 500hp and the standard size rotors with 4 pot calipers have been absolutely fantastic so far.


I don't run either rear kit on mine because to pass the yearly test here I need a proper parking hand brake, while there are some small kits available to go alongside the 4 pot rears I decided if I am going to have a handbrake it might as well be really strong so I can use it for drifting. I am running Mustang GT calipers on the rear of mine.

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On 1/18/2019 at 2:49 AM, baby_Carlton said:

Yes my wheels fit over the hubs fine though I should've purchased my wheels with more offset so they wouldn't poke as much.  Running Fifteen52 Formula TR 225/50R16x8 +0 with non-rolled fenders, should have ordered at least +10.

Nice, I'll hoping to go for some SSR Watanabe RS8 wheels on mine. Hopefully they clear as my current Rota RBRs do not.


Nice choice of wheel, don't think I've seen that fitted to many S30s. +10 is a better offset, mine clear fine, but its close. Think I may have a small amount of leeway, so might try and move the new wheels out 5mm as I want to run 8.5" on the rear.

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