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I'm going to be upgrading my brakes soon. I'm leaning toward getting the t3 front and rear kit. Part of me was thinking about getting the arizona z front kit and using it with the t3 rears. I like that the Arizona z kit is a slightly larger rotor. Does anyone know if they use the same calipers? Is anyone running the arizona z front and t3 rear?

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The kits are almost exactly the same so for the sake of simplicity I would just order them all from T3. The AZC kit is however also available with a larger rotor and also have a 6 pot option. However I can't see the need for it, my Z is 500hp and the standard size rotors with 4 pot calipers have been absolutely fantastic so far.


I don't run either rear kit on mine because to pass the yearly test here I need a proper parking hand brake, while there are some small kits available to go alongside the 4 pot rears I decided if I am going to have a handbrake it might as well be really strong so I can use it for drifting. I am running Mustang GT calipers on the rear of mine.

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