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Disk Brake conversion with 280zx rear caliper bleeder problem

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I have a problem to find out right size bleeder nipple for 280zx rear caliper conversion.

I read several thread that I need to swap brake line and bleeder nipple in order to put nipple higher position than brake line for bleeding.

So, I swap brake line and nipple.


However, the nipple won't stop bleeding.

I tried Russell's Speed Bleeder (6393630 10MM x 1.00) but result is same.



Does anyone have suggestion what size of bleeder I should use?


Thanks in advance.



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Tamo, you posted in the FAQ section!


I've gone ahead and moved it for you.


Are you saying you keep getting bubbles? Bleeding can take quite a while depending on your booster size and how many turns you have in the system. Either the standard pedal method or the pressure bleeder on the master seems to work the best in our cars. I usually go through about a 1/4 of a bottle per caliper if I replaced a line.

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