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Replacement front fenders

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What other cost effective options are out there other than hoping to find some used ones on ebay or craigslist? I found some new (?) ones on ebay but with shipping it's going to wind up being close to $900.

The Black Dragon site won't let you buy them (nothing happens when you click "add to cart". Are they still in business?)

Z Store says they aren't available. 

I don't see them on the Retrospec site anymore. 

Z Car Depot - $305 per side +freight shipping

Z Car Source - $659 per side

Z Trix - $480 per side and wider than stock


I have the replacement lower panels and I may be able to salvage the Driver's side but the passenger side is beyond hope. My dilemma is that with the cost of freight, I may as well get both since the shipping will be the same. 

Just wondering (hoping) there are other options out there besides the ones listed above. 

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Black dragon stopped selling Z parts about 2 years ago, so they aren't going to have them. I have one of their passenger side fenders (one of the last ones they shipped) and it fits like garbage, so the aftermarket option might not be what you want anyway, though others may have had better luck.


ZTrix does offer stock-shaped fiberglass fenders, available here https://www.ztrix.com/customers/stock-fiberglass-replacement-body-parts/


Aside from the other options you've listed, you might look around for someone local with a parts car. Good condition OEM will fit better than aftermarket, IMO, but you'll probably pay for it. There are also several facebook groups that deal in Z parts that might be able to hook you up with someone local or at least point you in the right direction.

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