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Hello forums, first post here. I’ve been sifting through these forums for awhile and cannot seem to find the answer to my question. A friend and I are restoring/making a track car of a ‘73 240z I picked up recently. We’re currently stripping it down to a bare shell to mount on a rotisserie for sand blasting, but ran into an area of bad rot on the air duct under the front fender. Is this area highly structural? Im wondering if anyone has tackled replacing metal in this spot or cutting it all out and replacing it with tubes? Any suggestions? Thank you! 


Here’s the goals with this car by the way:

-streetable track car, will be driven only now and then, not a daily or a dedicated track only car

-plans are to drop an RB in it, not sure which one yet, and have it built to around 350-450whp

-would like to keep the stock locations of the suspension components as i do not want to mess with the geometry 

-will have a full roll cage 


p.s. moderators I did not mean to post this multiple times, it was giving me an error and I didn’t think it posted. Was also told my previous posts weren’t working because of the apostrophe in the title. Sorry!




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Yes, those areas are indeed highly structural.  The upper frame rails are important for locating the upper strut mounts, and the area around the door mounts ties the upper frame rails and the rockets together (as well as providing secure mounting for the doors).  It can certainly be replaced with stock metal, from a donor car.  There are some good threads in the "Owners Builds" section about folks that have undertaken projects far worse than yours....so anything is possible with enough time, money, and effort.


Yes, many people have replaced their entire front end with tube chassis (or partial replacement).  It's not an undertaking for the faint of heart, nor is it typically done for anything but a dedicated track car.

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