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VG33ET Frankenstein

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To set the stage, I've been an L motor guy for decades. I sold off my S130ZXT 6 or so years ago to someone who had more time to care and feed it.


Life has changed. My son enlisted. My daughter has fond memories of the ZXT and now that she is approaching driving age...she thinks I need a Z-car again...and my friend just bought a 370Z...


I am pondering over a 84 Z31 AET. I used to work at the local Nissan dealer and repaired VG30s in Zs, Maxipads, and Partfinders all the time, but never combining generational components.


After re-establishing my account here, I read through a bunch of threads and think maybe I have a handle on the build I wznt to do.


I'm thinking a VG33ET with VG30DETT crank/rods/pistons/oil pump/lighweight flywheel/ Z32 5sp and 87 VG30ET manifolds, cams and timing set. EMS will be MS2 possibly DIS. Greddy BOV, 440cc injectors from Osidetiger. Haven't looked at intercooler options yet.


I'm in the research stage prepairing to plan logistics.


What did I miss?

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Stock exhaust manifolds are fine, the intake on these motors is everything  and hard to improve significantly, GTX35/82R turbo works well. If you have spare money spend it on the intake, get pro help there.

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