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  1. Z31 chassis. I'm done with S30/130s. I'm too old for the smaller cars. I want some comfort. I wasactually debating between Z31 and Z32. I chose Z31 because I don't want to work on the DETT engine.
  2. To set the stage, I've been an L motor guy for decades. I sold off my S130ZXT 6 or so years ago to someone who had more time to care and feed it. Life has changed. My son enlisted. My daughter has fond memories of the ZXT and now that she is approaching driving age...she thinks I need a Z-car again...and my friend just bought a 370Z... I am pondering over a 84 Z31 AET. I used to work at the local Nissan dealer and repaired VG30s in Zs, Maxipads, and Partfinders all the time, but never combining generational components. After re-establishing my account here, I read through a bunch of threads and think maybe I have a handle on the build I wznt to do. I'm thinking a VG33ET with VG30DETT crank/rods/pistons/oil pump/lighweight flywheel/ Z32 5sp and 87 VG30ET manifolds, cams and timing set. EMS will be MS2 possibly DIS. Greddy BOV, 440cc injectors from Osidetiger. Haven't looked at intercooler options yet. I'm in the research stage prepairing to plan logistics. What did I miss?
  3. I sold my ZXT a long while back and kinda got out of the game...but I feel the call beckoning me back. This time I want to build a Frankenstein L, I remember someone started the Merc-Benz twin cam research project but I can't find his posts. Does anyone remember or know hoow to find him?
  4. Not to be a hater, but you don't NEED a GM air temp or wide band. I'm using the same NTC (negative temp coef.)thermistor as the OE cyl head temp for my intake airpurchased from an electronics warehouse online and the OE narrow band O2 and it runs great. The wide band will be helpful for later tuning but initially I recommend using the narrow band.
  5. If you are talking about the spade connector that is screwed to the bottom of the dizzy- it's just a ground -don't stress. The dizzy should be grounded via the bolts and the inset base on the timing cover. The capacitor is there to limit electrical noise-mainly for the radio-also not critical.
  6. I did insatll the USB converter and it has been working great. The next unit I build is going to be bluetooth though.
  7. I'm not either. I built my system while trying to think ahead to what I'd like to accomplish later.
  8. I've had my S130 turbo running with the DIY CAS 12-1 disk for a few months. I've had it running pretty well at 355 degrees. I'm curious what everyone else is running just for an overall reference. My Specs: L28ET F54 block Schneider stage 2 .460 lift cam Schneider 110 seat pressure valve springs P90A converted to manual adjusters T03/04 hybrid chinese turbo ArizonaZ 12.5 lb steel flywheel Six puck,solid disk,ceramic clutch 440cc injectors Palnet fuel rail MS2X Single coil
  9. Find an electrical supply store and get a "goof Plug". It's a watertight plug for electrical panels. They come in several sizes. They have an outer semi-flat washer with a stud facing inside with a weathertight gasket, an inner washer or retaining device, and a wing nut to hold it all together. Exmples: http://www.platt.com/platt-electric-supply/Enclosures-Pilot-Devices-Hole-Seals/Eaton/10250TA7/product.aspx?zpid=12248 http://www.platt.com/platt-electric-supply/Hole-Seals-Painted-Steel/Hoffman/AS075/product.aspx?zpid=26760
  10. Are we talking 84-88 U11 Maxima/89-94 U12 Stanza?
  11. I'm running 440cc high-z injectors simutaneously, and I run best on 3 squirts/cycle. I think that I'm going to rewire mine to 1,5,3-6,2,4 and reset mine to alternating. My idle could still use fine tuning and I think it's because of the drop in fuel pressure-watching the gauge it's all over the place.
  12. From the pic, it looks like it's in the freeze plug, which would make it a block heater for cold weather. It probably doesn't work anymore. When you rebuild the engine remove it and install a real freeze plug.
  13. Well, I think that I have it now. It will be a while before I get the cluster in. Here's the updated wiring table. Digital to Analog Wiring Table 2.0.pdf
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