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Identify S30 Dashboard material used


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Hey guys, im currently lurking around for ideas to start my modification process of this newly acquired 1971 240z.

I was reading a Dash/wrap thread on this site but 95% of the posted pics are over 10 years old and links are broken, making them not viewable. 

I came across a few professional jobs with beautiful stitching, but the one that appeals to me the most is this one in the photo. Is that alacantra? or that some other material. How do you think it was put on? This photo is pretty much something I can say i'd like to aspire towards. Very clean.

thanks guys!, 

EDIT: is this dash treated with FLOCKIT?

(my Z is being shipped to Denver, from VA.....i cant wait to start adding my touches. ^_^


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I like it, it was a nice way to paint the dash with something that had texture after I did crack repairs on it. Its different than most dashes that have caps on them or spray-painted which I wasn't a fan of at all. It's super easy to put on, takes way more of the flock than I expected though. I had to scoop the leftovers up off the plastic I had laid out to finish the whole dash. I think I ordered two packs of it, I'd recommend three.


It does show lint and stuff, but not bad and you can vacuum it with the little brush attachment. Durability wise its not bad, I've scraped it getting it in and out of my car a couple times and one spot did get the fuzz knocked off. I'd suspect you could do a spot repair though.

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