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  1. Nice car! What rims do you have? I'm currently checking some cheap wheels on 4wheelonline for my current 240z project.
  2. Excellent work! The car looks nice. What tires do you run? Size? I need new tires for my current project. I'm still looking for options although the toyo tires proxes is on top of my list.
  3. I had Bilstein strut cartridges that came with boots. I used zip-ties to secure them.
  4. That is an awesome build! I'm pretty sure that the new owner is happy.
  5. Another vote for Vibrant. I got mine from them.
  6. According to 3M website, coating it with paint will result in paint discoloration.
  7. Nice car. Just don't forget to remove those huge aux lights on the front.
  8. That's a nice exhaust setup. How's the sound?
  9. Nice. How many coats of Duplicolor did you apply?
  10. I bought my Miller 212 Mig last year. Pricey but very user-friendly and trouble free.
  11. Awesome color. Any special prep you did? I'm planning to paint my engine also.
  12. They look nice. Keep us posted. I'm curious about their quality.
  13. SEM paint works great for the interior pieces, but remember that prep is the key.
  14. The body panels look great as well as the fender!
  15. I've seen a flocked dashboard in person and it looks really nice.
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