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Modified Center Console - shifter relocation

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So I have a vq35de swap with cd009 6 spd in my 73. With that, the shifter has been moved about 2 inches to the rear from the stock location. I wanted to keep the stock console so this is what I ended up with. Very happy with the results, if you don’t know these cars very well, you would never know it was relocated.

As for the original panel above the fuse panel, I made a new one with a sheet of abs plastic and a heat gun. Then I wrapped it in suede. It’s a perfect spot for the phone. I have since changed the cord to a black one so it blends in nicely.


pic dump!





The photo above shows the piece already cut and epoxied in the new spot. I filled in any other cut areas with some abs plastic pieces cut to fit.


choke slot filled with epoxy and the body filler to smooth out.























I used SEM texture and trim black paint to finish it. Other details include repairing/adding new shifter boot tabs to clip the boot to. And putting a little suede in the ash tray for the rfid key fob (push button start).



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3 hours ago, Arcdef said:

Looks great! I need to do exactly this on my 280z console. Any tips for me before I start cutting at the weekend?

Thanks! Take it slow, consoles are kind of rare and expensive! And depending on the condition, you may want to coat the entire console with a fresh coat of the SEM trim black paint to get a uniform finish. I also polished the stainless steel trim and ash tray cover to look as new as I could get it.

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