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  1. I have an MFactory helical unit in my R200 and am very happy with it on the street. I can’t speak to how it would react on racing slicks though, I haven’t heard of anyone using them racing. But it does have a lifetime warranty.
  2. Thanks! Take it slow, consoles are kind of rare and expensive! And depending on the condition, you may want to coat the entire console with a fresh coat of the SEM trim black paint to get a uniform finish. I also polished the stainless steel trim and ash tray cover to look as new as I could get it.
  3. This is what I am currently working on. https://ratsun.net/topic/78389-72-620-truck-ka-build-tank/ 72 620 with a ka24de out of a 2001 frontier.
  4. Thanks, It's amazing how fun it is to drive. I wish I could run the spoiler on the front all of the time but here in the mountains, it would get torn off pretty quick because of the angles of driveways and entrances.
  5. Just want to say I have about 500 miles on my unit and I love it! Great product and great communication from these guys.
  6. Before putting it up for the winter, I changed wheels that have tires that are cold weather friendly. Totally changed the look, I only have these 2 pictures but I'll run them in the spring until the weather warms up. Then I'll switch back to the black wheels/tires.
  7. Nice build, I've been down this path, it took me 10 years. But man it's worth it!
  8. Been a bit since I updated but I've put about 400 miles on it. Such a blast to drive, it's ridiculous how well it handles and goes. No drama, just does what you ask of it. For the cooling, I had to change to a recirculating overflow tank. So now it can push/pull fluid with heat cycles.
  9. +1 on that, mine runs flawless as well. Only difference is I am not running the stock sending unit. I have the speedhut sending unit in the top beside the aeromotive unit.
  10. +1 on the retro sound. I just finished a complete restoration so I ran the mic up to the corner of the sun visor so the Bluetooth and hands free calling is a nice add. I also have tweeters in the dash vents (I wanted everything to look stock), 5-1/4 in the shallow kick panels, 6x9s behind the seats and a 12” sub with amp in the spare tire well. Best part is none of it noticeable. I can find some photos of the install if any one is interested.
  11. So I have a vq35de swap with cd009 6 spd in my 73. With that, the shifter has been moved about 2 inches to the rear from the stock location. I wanted to keep the stock console so this is what I ended up with. Very happy with the results, if you don’t know these cars very well, you would never know it was relocated. As for the original panel above the fuse panel, I made a new one with a sheet of abs plastic and a heat gun. Then I wrapped it in suede. It’s a perfect spot for the phone. I have since changed the cord to a black one so it blends in nicely. pic dump!
  12. I also made a front strap out of some 1/8” cable with some tubing around it. I already have a rt mount so if it translates any noise I’ll take it out.
  13. Ended up rebuilding the 3.5 rear I had which took 3 weeks and lots of headaches getting the right parts. All new bearings, Mfactory lsd, ended up at .006 backlash with no additional shims required. Should have it back in tomorrow and back on the road Saturday.
  14. Thanks. Cross fingers, I think I have the coolant system bled now. That's what I thought previously as well until I really got on it (triple digit speed) and pushed an air pocket through. Now on to the rear.
  15. Forgot about the bar, I have an autopower bar as well. It's a 73 with R200 and Troy Ermish axles. ....And a 12" sub in the spare tire well....That all adds up doesn't it. I was talking with one of the techs there at SOHO Motorsports and he is developing an adapter for the VQ to use a Z32 5spd. Simply for size and weight savings. The 6spd in it is very large and of coarse much heavier than a 4 or 5 speed. But it's a brut. However the Z32 5 spd would hold up just fine at my power levels.
  16. I did not, not clue what it was prior to the swap. I would think someone with a full interior and L motor would be able to provide a weight.
  17. Road videos will have to wait, battling the coolant system...can’t seem to get this thing completely bled. And, the rear end is making some noises that are concerning. One of which I think I know the issue. The right stub axle stud heads rub the diff housing on decel. It’s almost like the diff stub axle isn’t completely popped in place (obx helical lsd). Plus, the 3.9 is a little too much with cd009 transmission. I have a 3.5 I may build and swap. Just need to drive it more to make a decision. I’ve only put 60 miles on it!
  18. Accidentally deleted so reposting. full interior vq35de with z1 lightweight flywheel and crank pulley 2574 lbs without me, near perfect 50/50 balance. And yes Leon, it does get better with me in it. All weights except right front get closer together. With me IN the car, there is a 90lb difference between the right front and left front. All other weights become closer. Yes corner balance would make it perfect but I’m good with where it ended up. The coilovers I have don’t allow to adjust ride height separate from preload so we just set the ride height and
  19. And the results are in. 2574 lbs without me in it, near perfect 50/50 front/rear balance. 270 hp and 270 torque at the wheels. its nice and spicy on the street. Very well balanced car all around.
  20. Going on the scales for corner balancing and the dyno on 5/1 at SOHO Motorsports outside of Charlotte, NC.
  21. Awesome, that should be a lot of fun. I’m very happy with the Zfever harness service and support from Doug. It makes the swap very easy. One thing worth noting, to power the ecu from switched 12v, plan on running a 40 amp relay on a 20 amp fuse.
  22. I completely regret having parts sandblasted. Then again, if the user isn’t an idiot, you should be fine. Ended up costing me a fortune because the hood, hatch, one door, and a quarter were warped from excessive heat.
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