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Hawk's headers fitment questions

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How is the ground clearance with Hawk's headers?  Or put another way, how far below frame rails do these headers sit?  Please mention the engine swap mounts you are using also.  I am fabricating some custom puck style mounts to optimize fitment.


American Racing Headers is the maker of Hawk's headers.  Went to ARH website and learned that they offer a 1 3/4" primary tube and confirmed with a phone call.  Hawk's website only has the 1 7/8" option.  I was reluctant to use the 1 7/8" on the stock 376 cu.in. displacement LS3 so happy to learn these headers are offered in the smaller 1 3/4".

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I'm running them on an LS2 using Hokes mounts. They're roughly 2-2.5" below the frame rail depending on how you measure (see attached). I've taken an inch out of my strut tubes and am running a fairly aggressive autox/track alignment which leaves me almost exactly 3" of ground clearance from the headers. It looks pretty frightening, but I've managed to clock over 1000 street miles on the car with no issues thus far. Of course, severe grades or speed bumps are very much a no-go!




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