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Hello guys, I am having a headache trying to find out all the correct information about my engine. There are other people trying to fin out by using the casting numbers by the back of the engine but looks like the number has a printing error, I know it’s a 350 5,7, but I would like to know exactly what I have. does anyone has a good idea of how can I get all the information about my engine? Year? What vehicle was originally from? Hp, etc I need parts and the auto parts always give me issues as they need the year or model of my vehicle. I can’t tell them athat I have a Datsun 1975 with a sbc lol, Any help will be appreciated. I am opening another discussion to explain the issues.

Thanks for your support, we can do “diy“ because we help each other.

In a Chevy forum they replied telling that this is the engine information, image.thumb.jpeg.e4593ec80c9c44146f5ad75defad02e5.jpeg
How do I know to what vehicle it came from, or at list a vehicle for me to use when ordering parts




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If it's a "Goodwrench crate engine", then it was originally an "orphan" engine manufactured by GM (so, not aftermarket) but never installed in a factory car.  Instead, the engine went straight to replacement (or hot rodding) applications.  A crate engine has advantages over something pulled from a factory-car.  It likely has less mileage, and may have better parts.  But it also has disadvantages...it might have been installed by amateurs, and/or abused.


If you need a token vehicle for purposes of saying something at a parts-store, try "1978 Chevy Truck, small block 350".  That would get you "close".  


As for your other thread, for some reason it's not loading correctly.  Re-post your question in this thread.

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