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Unable to "embed" links, only plain text

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I've pasted links in to posts and they automatically embed but the site will not accept the post unless I convert it to a plain text link. 


And the error messages have been different and unclear.  I would guess that people have just quit inserting links or given up on posting links, because of this issue.

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I will paste the link to your post and see if I can copy the result.  I've copied it and am using CTRL V.  It will show the image of the post, but won't accept when I hit "Submit Reply". 


So, it didn't work.  I'll post the error message in my next post.  It's what showed up after I hit "Submit Reply".  I had to delete the embedded link to get this one to come up.  Here is the image of what I attempted to do.



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Seems to be working for me. I hit the X in the black dialog box that comes up initially and it worked fine linking to your posts. Just tried it again without closing the dialog first and it still works.




Your error message that pops up looks like the same thing that shows up on dead links from google or from old forum posts that have a link to something that the hyperlink to has changed since switching servers or whatever maintenance killed a lot of links on here years ago. Seems weird that it's giving you dead links to others' recent posts though.

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On 8/8/2020 at 11:23 AM, NewZed said:

Thanks for the observation?


It works today.  Maybe it's the Heisenberg effect.  If you had tried earlier maybe you would have got the same message.  Who knows...


Oh good!

Hopefully the thread is at least useful for someone who ends up finding the problem again and we can try to replicate it if it continues. 

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