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Returning to the Z

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Hey all, my first car was a 75 280z back when I was 16 I kept it for some time and ended up getting rid of it, ever since I got rid of it I have been regretting it and looking for another one. Now a few years later the time has come and I found the perfect project for me. 

73 240z, stock engine with matching numbers. The owner had a donor 77 so he gave me the L28, a diff, interior parts, and a whole bunch of other things he kept from the 77 before he junked it. Rust isnt the worst, 2 small holes in floor pans, spare wheel well, and the worst i think is the frame under the battery. Im hoping to strip it and take it to sandblasting in mid November. After rust is dealt with ill be freshening up the engine, then go onto suspension and brakes. tires and wheel. exterior then interior.

ill add a bunch of pics:) 

Also if anyone is in the Sacramento CA area and knows a reputable rust repair/ sandblasting etc shop let me know!


















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Congratulations on getting back in the game.  That's a good looking car compared to a lot of them.  You will have lots of fun.

My first was a 73 CA car.  No rust, but absolutely beat to hell by the OO (original owner).  There wasn't a 6" square of metal anywhere that wasn't dented, scratched, or damaged in some way.  I bought it from a senior medical student at Howard University in DC.  I always wondered how he treated his patients after seeing what he did to a car he owned and presumably loved.

Keep us updated with plenty of pics.

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