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Techno Toy Tuning (TTT) Big 300mm Brake Kit Wheel Fitment

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I don't have an exact answer for you; but I may be able to provide some useful information.  I'm in the process of installing those same calipers on my car, with 11" rotors, using the stock mounting ears on the strut tube.  The two sets of wheels I have for the car are 15x8 and 15x9, both zero offset.  There appears to be ample clearance radially (i.e. from the axle outward to the tire, like a spoke), but I need a small spacer (1/8" thickness) for the 15x8 to clear the caliper on the outboard face (i.e. where the "Wilwood" logo is printed).  The 15x9 clear the caliper without the need of a spacer.  Obviously the bigger rotor will push the whole setup further out radially, but you should be ok with most 15" wheels as long as they don't have unusually thick barrels....the big variable is where the T3 bracket places the caliper within the wheel-space.  There are some tricks you can use to move the system more inboard if necessary (a la, rotor spacer designed for the Toyota 4 piston front brake upgrade).


What are your plans for the rest of the braking system (rears, MC, etc)?

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