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No separate steering subforum, so I hope this is the right place. Looking to find someone who has taken apart and/or serviced an s30 steering column. Specifically I own a '76 280z. Anyway I have what could only be described as a hitch I can feel through the steering wheel at low speed when I change direction. At first I thought this was due to wear in one or both of the inner tie rods. But I have isolated it to the steering column itself by holding above the coupler and reaching in the window and moving the wheel back and forth.


The service manual mentions a ball and a spring. I think this was so that in case of a crash the column would collapse to some degree. But it leads me to believe the steering wheel is not directly connected to the rod that exits the firewall into the engine bay and then bolts to the coupler. So I think mine must have a worn bushing or the spring isn't pushing the ball hard enough to engage the...what?


I don't want to take it all apart unless I have some sort of idea that it can be serviced/repaired/tuned up. Any guidance would be appreciated.



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