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What are these parts from my 280z door?

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I am breaking down both doors on my 1976 280z as I prepare for media blasting.  The first part was this small roller connected to a bracket that was slid inside the outer stainless door trim.  There was only one on the passenger door, none on the driver's door:




The other thing I was wondering about is these pieces that were on the outside corners of the doors.  I'm sure at one point they were pliable rubber, but now they are rock hard:



Any help identifying these parts is appreciated.



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First part is a window roller. If you look straight down your door with the window rolled down you'll notice there are actually two places you can install them. Some people add a second one on each door which apparently helps keep the window in at speeds and makes it eeasier to roll. It didn't fix my issues but I'm fairly certain my roller and scissor assemblies need to be adjusted. The new reproduction ones don't slot in as nicely as oem. I found they're somehow both tougher to fit in, and slide around more once they're on... require some bending and tweaking.



Second part is a door end rubber seal



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