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Removing 280z dash- heater controls

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I am removing the dash on my 1976 280z.  In the instructions I've read online, it says to disconnect the metal cables from the heater control.  One was obvious, I used a Philips screwdriver to loosen a screw and the rod slid out.  There are other rods and cables that aren't so obvious to me.  The end of the rod has an S bend and I can't get it out.  There is more than one.  Am I going about this wrong?


Does the control mechanism come out with the dash?



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There is a metal clip that holds the cable sheath down.  One end fits in to a small slot and the other snaps in to a different slot or over the edge of the assembly.  Can't remember.  Pop the clip up and remove it, then lift the sheath up to get the end of the cable out of the hole.  In reverse it would be insert the cable end in to the hole, lay the cable and sheath flat, then insert the clip and clamp the sheath down.


The clip is outlined in green here.




I outlined the metal clip here.

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I found a picture of some on the internet.  The slot is right next the sheath and the side on the right in the picture snaps over the edge of the metal framework.  Might need a thin blade and some lubrication to get it off.  Don't break it.





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